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18 Crystals for Anxiety: Healing Your Stress and Energy

Crystals for anxiety are not just your next sparkly possession; think of them as your mini therapists, working overtime to bring in gentle energy when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Picture having a crystal worry stone made of amethyst or rose quartz in your pocket, a small yet amazing ally in tackling the daily challenges life throws at you, with a promise to clear negative energy and infuse calmness in desperate times.

Let’s pave a crystal clear path to inner peace as this guide unravels the captivating world of calming crystals, setting the stage for you to become an expert in handling anxiety with the elegance of a gem connoisseur.

Crystals for Anxiety: Short Summary

As you navigate this guide, you will glean insights into how certain gemstones can dampen negative emotions, acting like a gentle friend guiding you away from anxious thoughts and that restless, anxious energy that seems all too pervasive.

Learn about selenite, a powerhouse in nurturing compassion, which might give anti-anxiety medication a run for its money. We’re removing the curtain on thwarting panic attacks and reclaiming your peace.

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Understanding the Connection on How Healing Crystals for Anxious Energy Work

Crystals for Anxiety: Picture of Selenite, Citrine, and Shungite outside
Prevent panic attacks with these gemstones.

Let’s unravel the long and rich history behind the best healing crystals that people have turned to when feeling stressed. A soothing stone in your pocket might be what keeps those pesky panic attacks at bay.

While some commend gemstones for improved mental health, skeptics simply admire them for their natural beauty. Yet, it’s hard to overlook stories from individuals who’ve managed to overcome the hurdles that arise with anxiety thanks to these glistening gems.

Benefits of Calming Crystals in Alleviating Negative Emotions and Anxiety

  • Stabilize Emotional Turmoil: Certain crystals can help stabilize your emotions, helping you to feel less anxious and more grounded.
  • Enhance Meditation: Incorporating a crystal into your meditation practice can aid in deeper relaxation and focus, allowing you to alleviate anxiety symptoms more effectively.
  • Boost Positive Energy: A powerful crystal can elevate the positive vibes in your space, potentially reducing feelings of anxiety and fostering calming energy.
  • Facilitate Better Sleep: Placing gems known for their soothing energies near your bed can encourage a more peaceful and restorative sleep, which is vital in managing anxiety.
  • Aid Mindfulness Practices: Utilizing gems in mindfulness practices can enhance your awareness and keep you grounded, helping to reduce anxiety symptoms over time.

The Mechanisms Behind Healing Crystals and Anxiety Relief for Gentle Energy

Hey there, crystal aficionados! Did you know the best healing crystals, like Smoky Quartz and black tourmaline, have the stellar ability to clear blockages during reiki sessions? It’s true!

These gems work wonders in the realm of consciousness, acting as your personal guard against the dark cloud of pressure, helping you stay calm and relaxed. Delve into the little details that showcase how a crystal for anxiety can be a beacon of light in stressful times. Feeling curious? Stay tuned.

18 Best Crystals for Anxiety

If you find yourself in a rough spot, it might be time to get stoned – with Smoky Quartz or black tourmaline, that is! These gems are the best crystals and work wonders to release negative energy. It’s a chakra party, and you’re hosting!

We’ll unearth 18 of the most popular stones, sure to bring a blue sky to your cloudiest days.

1: Amethyst Crystal: Third Eye/ Crown Chakra – Promotes Tranquility, Aids in Emotional Balance

Suffer less by reducing stress with the help of Amethyst.

Step into the calm with Amethyst, the powerful stone with roots in Greek mythology. It’s said to usher in a clear mind and serenity when you most need it.

Is your intuition calling for a guiding hand in the healing process? Amethyst might just be the helper, steering you gracefully towards your higher self amidst anxiety whirlwinds.

When to use: In moments where anxiety begins to bubble, grab your Amethyst crystal for a dose of that chilling-out magic to help settle the storm.

2: Rose Quartz: Heart Chakra – Encourages Self-love and Balanced Emotional State

Rose Quartz
Remove that anxious energy with Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz isn’t just another beautiful crystal on the shelf; it’s a beacon of self-love and a band-aid for emotional wounds. Let this gentle giant enhance your aura, bringing a light that can heal self-esteem issues exacerbated by anxiety and stress. It’s like being surrounded by a warm, loving hug; who doesn’t need that?

When to use: Feeling a bit low? Allow Rose Quartz to send waves of love and positive intentions your way, offering a comforting shoulder during trying times.

3: Black Tourmaline: Root Chakra – Grounding and Shields from Negative Energy

Black Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline

Imagine having a guardian that shields you from negativity, be it anxiety, stress, harmful EMFs, or even evil spirits; that’s Black Tourmaline for you, a powerful and protective stone that’s grounded in the here and now. It’s not just a grounding stone; it’s your personal power warrior, ready to assist at any moment.

When to use: Feel the need to cope with the chaos? Place this amazing helper on your desk or pocket to bring tranquility amidst the turmoil.

4: Selenite: Crown/Third Eye Chakra – Promotes Mental Clarity and Fosters Peaceful Sleep


Selenite, the luminous white crystal, is renowned as a maestro amongst healing stones, fine-tuning your energy centers with its healing powers. Imagine the sense of contentment enveloping you as it whispers secrets of peace to stave off insomnia and keep the angst at bay.

It’s the zen master in the healing crystal league, guiding your aura to a harmonious symphony.

When to use: Feeling anxious? Bring selenite into your safe space to foster calm and invite serene vibes.

5: Smoky Quartz: Root Chakra – Alleviates Fear and Feel Grounded

Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is your confidante among grounding stones, with the power to release negative emotions, including those weighty feelings you harbor in dark corners. A true comrade in helping you deal with anxiety and stress, it envelops you in an embrace where you feel safe, fostering a sanctuary of stability in tumultuous times.

When to use: In moments related to heightened anxiety, keep this stone handy to help with anxiety by talking you back to inner peace.

6: Blue Lace Agate: Throat Chakra – Supports Communication and Promotes Calmness

Blue Lace Agate
Blue Lace Agate

Feel the craziness within evaporating like morning dew as the Blue Lace Agate envelops you with its soothing energy. It’s more than a good friend in stressful times—it’s the most common crystal recommended for social anxiety.

A kind whisper in the ear promising a clear mind, heralding seamless communication, it’s your go-to ally, turning fears into wispy air, guiding you to a good night’s sleep amid the chaos.

When to use: Reach for this stone during heated conversations to keep stress and anxiety at bay.

7: Lepidolite: Heart/Eye Chakra – Stabilizes Mood and Aids in Emotional balance with the Presence of Lithium

Harnessing the gentle energy of lepidolite can be a game-changer during a panic attack, offering a sense of stability and calm.

Imagine having a portable piece of serenity in the pocket of your soul, introducing Lepidolite, a lithium-rich gemstone ready to dry your heart’s tears. It is believed to be a particularly helpful crystal, kind of like a steadfast friend guiding you to cope with mood swings and panic attacks, a cornerstone of faith in a frantic world.

When to use: In moments of trauma, grip this great choice of stone to find your heart’s axis amid the craziness.

8: Tiger Eye: Solar Plexus/Sacral Chakra – Encourages Harmony, Balancing Emotions, and Alleviates Fears and Anxious Energy

Tiger Eye
This crystal helps to manifest balancing emotions.

Step forward and embrace the strength and courage the Tiger Eye bestows. This gem, resembling sunshine captured in stone, naturally enhances self-confidence, fostering a vital connection with the present.

It’s your go-to aide in dealing with matters that require a brave face and a forward-thinking mindset, forming a nurturing environment for your spirit to flourish.

When to use: Whenever self-doubt tries to shadow your brilliance, hold this gemstone and stride forward with a lion’s courage.

9: Citrine: Solar Plexus Chakra – Promotes Joy and Positive Energy and Reduces Fear and Anxiety

Relax with Citrine

Citrine is the ideal crystal for those moments when you can barely breathe deeply due to anxiety. Its powerful energy vibrates with enthusiasm and stability, creating a sanctuary for your spirit.

Whether it’s enhancing your mood or alleviating common symptoms of stress, Citrine operates in different ways to be a helpful crystal lightweight solution to heavy issues.

When to use: Reach for Citrine when you feel the world’s weight on your shoulders, for a burst of sunshine in your soul.

10: Clear Quartz: – Crown Chakras – Amplifies Energy and Helps Achieve Emotional Balance

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Reputed for its healing abilities since the times of ancient Greece, Clear Quartz is your go-to crystal for anxiety.

Picture this: you’re wearing this great crystal to social events, its pure forms aligning your energy fields with higher truth and positivity. Its vibrations are not just a matter of lore; they can genuinely heal, offering a shield against negativity.

When to use: Grab Clear Quartz when seeking clarity before an important conversation or simply when you yearn for a spiritual hug.

11: Green Aventurine: Heart Chakra – Promote Calmness and Encourages Positivity

Green Aventurine
Green Aventurine Stone

Green Aventurine, the “Stone of Opportunity,” could be your new confidante in modern times. When you feel anxious or have pent-up anger, having this perfect crystal close to your heart promotes a relaxing vibe.

It can soothe your head and connect you to a deep well of hope and healing process, encouraging you to keep a level head and a warm heart.

When to use: In moments when anxiety seems to take the steering wheel, clutch onto Green Aventurine to usher in serenity.

12: Aquamarine: Throat Chakra – Calming Effect, Reduce Stress and Fosters Clarity

Aquamarine is helpful for staying calm.

Embrace the soothing hues of Aquamarine, your go-to companion in moments of worry. This excellent crystal is touted for its ability to usher in peace, helping you breathe deeply and escape the clutches of anxious thoughts.

Whether you suffer from a whirlpool of worries or just seek restful sleep, having this gem among your healing stones for anxiety could be extremely helpful.

When to use: Grasp it tightly and connect with its relaxing energies whenever you feel the stirrings of anxiety, inviting peace into your moments of unrest.

13: Shungite: Root Chakra – Purifying Healing Properties and Balance Emotions


Shungite, the grounding stone that has worked wonders for centuries, is naturally equipped to protect you in this modern world bustling with harmful EMFs.

Holding it close is believed to absorb negative energy from your environment, potentially promoting relief from tension and trauma. This is the power of drawing from the ancient world to heal modern woes.

When to use: In moments of overwhelm, hold this stone as a shield, envisioning it absorbing the tension and helping you to heal.

14: Moonstone: Eye/Crown Chakra – Balance your Emotions

Moonstone, a little sense of peace.

Moonstone, the popular choice among healing stones, carries a kind warmth known for its ability to foster inner strength. Picture a kind mentor, enveloping your aura with wisdom and rest, always encouraging you to release pesky worries. It’s a stone embodying peacefulness in your pocket.

When to use: When you seek peace and a boost of courage, simply hold onto your moonstone to reignite your inner strength.

15: Red Jasper: Root – Grounding Energy and Fosters a Sense of Stability and Security

Red Jasper
Red Jasper

Red Jasper, a titan in the universe of stones with a history rooted in ancient Greece, stands tall as a beacon of protection and motivation. For people suffering from a whirlpool of anger, it’s akin to a steadfast shield, enveloping you in a powerful effect of resilience.

It’s not just a rock; it’s a rock star in Greek mythology, known to help when you’re struggling with intense feelings.

When to use: In heated moments of frustration, holding onto Red Jasper can channel that fiery energy into motivation and strength.

16: Hematite: Root – Grounding and Offers Protection, Absorbs Negative Energy, and Provides a Sense of Calm


Hematite, a wonder among stones, aids mental health remarkably, fostering a centered mind for people suffering from anxiety symptoms. It’s your ideal crystal ally for restful sleeping and offering a sense of faith in social outings, proving beneficial at every jittery turn.

When to use: Keep Hematite crystals close during bustling social events or before bed to create a relaxing release, ensuring rest prevails.

17: Lapis Lazuli: Third Eye/Throat – Enhances Self-Expression and Fosters Spiritual Wellness

Lapis Lazuli
This crystal is connected with peace.

Lapis Lazuli, the stone that guides you to your higher truth, boasts power and wisdom in its rich blue hues. This protective stone nurtures creativity and control, helping you cope with negativity during your life’s journey. It’s the Sherlock of stones, aiding in intuition and sorting through the mysteries of your mind.

When to use: To connect with your inner power and foster peace, hold onto these gemstones during moments of high stress or creative endeavors.

18: Amber: Solar Plexus/Throat – Sense of Calm, Mood Enhancer, and Uplifting Energy

Amber Healing Crystal
Amber Gemstone

Amber, a stone quite literally connected to Earth’s ancient past, is a beacon of nature trapped in a golden, beautiful crystal form. It’s believed to promote a sweet, honey-like ease, allowing you to breathe deeply and release negative thought patterns. Think of it as a time-traveling friend, ready to lend an ear and offer examples from a bygone era.

When to use: Grasp Amber tightly when nostalgia knocks or while daydreaming to remain grounded yet connected to the wonder of yesteryears.

Integrating Gemstones into Your Life to Absorb Negative Energy

Imbue your space with stones to kiss anxiety stress goodbye. One method favored across cultures is to wear them close to your skin; they might just become your next favorite accessory. At night, consider placing them under your pillow to potentially banish nightmares and promote sweet dreams, creating a bedroom oasis.

They can be a real game-changer in meditating on positive feelings and finding that much-needed inspiration.

Crystal Healing and Meditation Practice to Clear Negative Energy and Relieve Stress and Anxiety

Enhance your meditation routine with an anxiety crystal; it’s like adding a superhero sidekick to your comfort journey! Imagine having a smoky quartz by your side, a stone heralded for its capacity to dispel worry and soothe the mind.

Hold it while you meditate, allowing the earth’s nurturing qualities to flow into your body with each breath, integrating nature’s calm in battling depression and insomnia. Try it; even skeptical minds might be swayed.

Wearing Crystal Healing Jewelry for Calming Energy

Imagine becoming a walking fortress of balance, breathing in confidence with black tourmaline jewelry or exuding love adorned with a rose quartz bracelet.

In the world of crystal healing, the body becomes a canvas for the earth’s masterpieces, offering a soothing embrace through pendants and other crystals that carry nature’s beauty and help soothe the struggling soul.

Wear these tangible reminders of the gentle sleeping giant that is our earth, a protective yet nurturing force. You got this!

Stones for Anxiety: Summary

Picture of a Person wearing a Smoky Quartz and Citrine necklace
Feel grounded and embrace nature whenever you wear a smoky quartz and citrine gemstone necklace.

As we close this gem of a discussion, take a note to meditate with a touch of smoky quartz to promote calm and well-being in your life.

You’ve gotten a glimpse of the impressive metaphysical properties these Earth’s marvels offer, fostering confidence in uncertain times.

Give it a try; for example, integrate it into your daily routine, and you might just find your sparkle with crystals for anxiety.

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