Healing crystals for good luck, including rose quartz and amethyst, set in an inspiring and harmonious environment

17 Best Crystals for Good Luck: Your New Lucky Charm

Embarking on the luminous journey through the best crystals for good luck, one can’t help but feel a bit of the ancient magic these dazzling allies carry.

Over the ages, individuals have turned their heads toward these good luck crystals, hoping to sprinkle a bit of fortune and prosperity in their career and personal space. The best crystal for you is out there, amid many stones with sparkling secrets waiting to align with your energy, turning the wheel of fortune in your favor.

Let’s unturn these glittering pages of history together, stepping into a world of vibrant wonder and crystalline allies.

Crystals for Good Luck: Short Summary

Buckle up as we take you on a grand tour of good luck stones, exploring the rich lore that has been built over centuries. Uncover the secrets behind lucky crystals that have stood the test of time, ready to bring a sprinkle of fortune into your life.

From the renowned tiger’s eye to multifaceted gemstones that have adorned royalty, you’re wearing not just a piece of earth but a slice of our past, wrapped in mystery and allure.

Discover the unmatched ability of excellent crystals, your head-to-toe guide that promises more than just a sparkle. It’s time to be in the know and in the glow!

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Unearthing the Secrets of a Lucky Stone

Crystals for good luck: Such as Clear Quartz and Tiger's Eye, next to each other on a beach
You can wear these lucky crystals as jewelry.

Delve deeper into the planet where crystals for good luck are not just a mere collection of minerals but a powerful crystal playground of fortunes and dreams.

Imagine the green agate, a lucky crystal with molecules harmonizing to beckon profitability, or blue aventurine working overtime to align other chakras for a balanced life.

Each stone, be it garnet or malachite, harbors secrets, whispering them to those willing to listen. So, attune your ear to the mystical planet of agate stones and unravel the fascinating secrets they’ve been holding for eons. Get ready to be stone-smitten!

Benefits of a Luck Stone

  • Attraction of Hopeful Vibes: Crystals such as Carnelian and Pyrite are known to harbor powers that bring accomplishment and abundance. Utilizing these crystals in your daily life, through jewelry or home décor, can supposedly help to foster a beneficial environment that is conducive to attracting good luck.
  • Enhancement of Intuition and Decision-Making: Crystals such as Clear Quartz and Moonstone are often associated with enhancing intuition and aiding in decision-making. By potentially helping to clear mental fog and fostering transparency, these crystals can guide individuals to make decisions that lead to fortunate outcomes.
  • Protection Against Negative Forces: Some crystals, like Tigers Eye and Shungite, are renowned for their protective properties, shielding individuals from negative vibes and forces. By reportedly safeguarding against negativity, these crystals create a shield that can keep bad luck at bay.
  • Facilitation of Personal Development and Transformation: Crystals such as Malachite and Labradorite are seen as stones of transformation, aiding in personal growth and encouraging beneficial changes. By fostering a transformation, they can help to steer individuals towards paths laden with opportunities and good luck.
  • Enhancement of Emotional Stability and Resilience: Gems like Rose Quartz and Lepidolite are associated with emotional healing and stability. By purportedly helping to foster a calm and balanced emotional state, these crystals can aid in navigating life’s ups and downs with resilience, thus attracting good fortune through a positive and stable emotional state.

History and Lore: The Ancient Connection Between A Good Luck Stone and Fortune

Step back in time to a period where the allure of a crystal was the talk of ancient times — perhaps a staple even in the Stone Age dinner parties? Picture ancient warriors, bedecked with lucky charms, charging into battles with confidence that echoes through time.

The ancient Egyptians believed in their might, and even the hardiest Roman soldiers tucked these good stones in their shields for a fortune-favored fight.

Unearth the tales, the myths, and the undeniable connections between these sparkling treasures and fortune as you traverse through tales as ancient as time itself.

Geology Meets Spirituality: Understanding the Power Behind Good Luck Crystals

Dive into the enthralling earth where geology hugs spirituality tightly, giving birth to the most powerful stones known to humanity. Picture this: a fusion dance where lucky stones sync with your chakras, a rock-solid connection forged through ages in Earth’s magnificent laboratory.

These stones are not just here to bring luck but to teach you how to attract abundance in synergy with Mother Earth. It’s like having a geological guardian angel by your side! Keep reading to uncover how other good crystals become your silent partners in the quest for stability and luck.

17 Best Crystals for Good Luck – Enhance Good Fortune

You may feel a sparkling connection just by wearing one of these good top crystals around your neck or keeping a precious stone in your area. Imagine strolling without fear as your chosen good luck gemstones work tirelessly to bring fortune into your life.

From the shield-like malachite to other best stones for attracting positiveness, a special person-friendly stone is waiting just for you. Stay tuned as we unveil the secrets to enhancing good fortune through stones.

1: Yellow Citrine – Solar Plexus – Known as Lucky Merchant’s Stone, Attract Wealth, Success, and Positive Energy

Yellow Citrine Stones, on a boardwalk near a beach
This good luck crystal, Citrine, is a gift from nature.

Golden opportunities are practically knocking at your door with prosperity Citrine, the acclaimed “Lucky Merchants Stone.” Picture this: a crystal dripping with the warmth of a thousand suns, ready to bring clarity and a burst of positive energy to your life.

Business moguls and budding entrepreneurs regard it as their silent partner, a beacon of confidence in job interviews, and a magnet for career success. Beyond money matters, it radiates healing properties that attract good luck on various paths.

When to use: Grab this great stone when you desire a surge of positive energy in your professional life or to foster abundance and good luck in fresh ventures. It’s not just a money stone; it’s your golden companion in the vibrant market of life.

2: Amethyst – Crown / Third Eye Chakra – Enhance Intuition, Spiritual Growth, Protection, and Positive Energy

This beautiful crystal relieves anxiety in your body.

Harness the soothing energy of Amethyst, the glorious purple sentinel in the grand theater of life, boasting of legendary healing energy. It’s a crystal that seasoned public speakers and spiritual seekers swear by, vouching for its power to dispel negative energy and bring a sense of calm in a storm.

Imagine having a piece of mind-sharpening artistry, constantly giving you the nudge towards mental acuity and positive intention. Yes, this luck stone is one of the favorite good crystals championed in feng shui practice, a true maestro in harmonizing energies and promoting luck.

When to use: In moments when making important decisions feels like a tightrope walk, let this crystal be your safety net, encouraging mental clarity and relieving anxiety. It’s not just a crystal; it’s your personal mentor in navigating the rich tapestry of life.

3: Rose Quartz – Heart Chakra – Attract Love, Relationships, and Fosters Self Love

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Meet the ultimate love stone, the Rose Quartz, tirelessly infusing romantic luck into your journey with its powerful stone abilities. Picture it: a beacon sending out positive vibrations to the universe, all with the aim of bringing warmth and dedication into your circle.

This quartz crystal isn’t just for attracting love; it’s a vessel for positivity, new growth, and fulfilling dreams.

When to use: Seeking a soft touch of lady luck in your endeavors or intending to bring affection? Hold onto your rose quartz and allow its healing properties to channel positive intentions, manifesting desires into reality; it’s indeed your best stone ally in navigating the complex universe of love and dreams.

4: Green Aventurine – Heart Chakra – Known as the Stone of Opportunity, Attracting Good Luck and Prosperity, Embracing Positive Changes

Green Aventurine
Harness the powerful properties of green aventurine, letting it bring luck into your life while resonating harmoniously with nature.

Step aside; your new lucky charm is here – the vibrant Green Aventurine hailed as the luckiest crystal around. Associated strongly with Lady Luck herself, this crystal is a popular choice in feng shui practices.

It is often sought after to promote luck and bring fortune to both life situations and financial spheres. Its sun-kissed, creative power boosts self-confidence, aiding in lucky decisions that could even make a lottery ticket blush with potential!

When to use: Feeling the need to up your game in the financial arena or just wishing for a sprinkle of luck in daily activities? Carry this stone to tap into its ability to channel positive vitality and strength, being your crystal ally in navigating life’s uncertainties with a sunlit path.

5: Clear Quartz – Crown Chakra – Amplify Energies, Intentions and Mental Clarity

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Meet the pinnacle of radiant energy and your go-to for high-vibration healing: the Clear Quartz. Known as the stone of power, it’s almost like the VIP of the crystal world, bestowing protective vibes through its crystalline structure.

It’s a protective stone that not only kicks stress to the curb but invites more clarity into your life, ensuring that your auric field remains untainted by different energies swirling in the universe.

When to use: Are the stresses of daily life dimming your radiant energy? Whenever you feel the need for an extremely high vibration boost, hold onto this rock star of the crystal realm, providing protection and bringing a harmonious tune to your day. Let it dance with your energies, transforming the mundane into the magnificent.

6: Tiger’s Eye – Solar Plexus – Promotes Courage and Self Confidence

Image of the Tiger Eye Crystal
Consider the Tiger Eye as an example of a sublime luck stone, rich with meaning.

Dive right into the mesmerizing swirls of the Tigers Eye, a crystal that’s no stranger to shielding its bearer from negative energy. This protective stone has a knack for guiding you safely through challenging times, fostering self-confident strides toward career success.

It’s not just a feast for the eyes; it actively works to clear any energy blockages in your body, ushering in a vibrant flow that rejuvenates life from earth to soul.

Imagine walking into a business meeting, the powerful stone in your pocket pulsing with intentions that resonate with the cosmos, ready to bring good luck to your endeavors.

When to use: Reach for the Tiger’s Eye in moments when you seek an ideal good luck charm, one vibrating with earth’s tenacity, grounding your aspirations and instilling confidence in every step. You are not just moving; you are power-walking through life’s grand hallways, destined for greatness.

7: Pyrite (Fool’s Gold) – Solar Plexus – Attract Abundance and Wealth, Shields Against Negativity


Stepping into the luminous universe of Pyrite is like being handed the universe’s key to success. It’s not called the money stone without reason; this glittering golden crystal is known to bring success in business endeavors, beckoning positive vibrations that resonate with the power of a radiant star.

Lucky merchants have whispered for centuries about its ability to sprinkle a bit of magic on money matters, empowering them with a clear mind brimming with wisdom and truth — a real boon in the bustling marketplaces of life.

When to use: In moments of self-doubt, when your path seems unclear, clutch this excellent stone tightly, feeling its powerful vibrations. Picture yourself as a beacon attracting success, harnessing Pyrite’s benefits to forge a reality as bright and golden as fool’s gold but with the wealth of real gold. It’s not just for business moguls; it’s a beacon for all, offering a path guided by the universe’s grandeur, a cosmic GPS to prosperity energy.

8: Green Jade – Heart Chakra – Attract Good Luck and Harmony

Green Jade
Green Jade stands as the right crystal to choose when you’re aiming to invite harmony; it’s more than just a good luck stone; it’s a guardian of your well-being.

Meet Green Jade, your go-to money stone for abundant luck in love, business, and financial situations. Just picture a current of powerful force flowing through you, delivering the gusto to achieve all you desire, whether it’s a surge in willpower or extra fortune rolling into your bank account.

Yet, it’s not all about the dollars and cents; this crystal is a whizz at nurturing relationships too, with a soft yet unyielding presence that harmonizes and heals.

The healing properties of Green Jade aren’t just hearsay; many swear by the luck it brings, good luck, fostering warm connections, and, yes, padding those pockets, too.

When to use: Feeling the crunch in business negotiations? Wear this green jade beauty to grant you the courage and insight needed to prevail. Considering gifting it? You’re in luck; it’s the perfect token to symbolize a fortified relationship and steer you clear of squabbles. Remember, it’s not just a crystal; it’s an investment in your powerful force field of good luck and well-being.

9: Green Malachite – Heart Chakra – Absorbs Negative Energy and Encourages Personal Growth

Green Malachite
Green Malachite

Meet the vibrant guardian of good vibes, Green Malachite, an excellent stone derived from copper carbonate, brought to you straight from the heart of the earth. Step into a flourishing secret garden of the spirit, where new growth isn’t just welcome but the standard.

It’s not just a stone; it’s a silent partner in clearing negative energy and dismantling emotional blockages, setting the stage for positive adventures and maybe, just maybe, inviting luck in love your way.

When to use: Feeling caught in a web of negativity? Let Malachite be your powerful tool for inviting positivity and nurturing growth in your life. Ideal for moments where you seek clarity and a fresh perspective, giving you a burst of positive vibes and a dash of luck in love, making every chance a meaningful one.

10: Black Tourmaline – Root Chakra – Protect from Negative Energies and Increase Physical Vitality

Black Tourmaline
The protection this stone offers is amazing.

Step into the protective aura of Tourmaline, a protective stone known for its potent energy in clearing negative energy and warding off bad vibes. Picture a sentinel, always on duty to shield you from negative thoughts and energy blockages.

This natural leader among stones, arising from nature’s grand design, showcases protective qualities that outshine other stones, carving a path to a more love-infused life.

When to use: Is your soul feeling cluttered with the dust of despair? It might be the right moment to lean on this stone. Use it when the shadows of doubt creep in, offering a helping hand in pursuing clarity and banning bad energy. It’s the paladin of a crystal, leading you to a sanctuary of favorability amidst a world of chaos. Let it lead you, guiding you like a beacon in the spiritual storm.

11: Green Peridot – Heart Chakra – Attract Luck and Prosperity, Increases Self Confidence

Green Peridot
Green Peridot

Meet Green Peridot, your pocket-sized beam of sunshine. These good fortune gemstones are celebrated as one of the luckiest stones around. This powerful crystal promotes luck and bathes your energy field in a warm glow, washing away negative energy and infusing your body with peace. It’s a beacon of hope, a tool that brings clarity and truth into your life.

When to use: Are the clouds of doubt hovering? Reach for your Green Peridot. Let it channel the sun’s healing properties into your soul, guiding you to opportunities brimming with benefits and good fortune. It’s not just about bringing luck; it’s about fostering a realm of positive energy where you are the master of your destiny.

12: Carnelian Gemstone – Sacral Chakras – Boost Creativity and Courage, and Attracting Luck

Harnessing the health-boosting advantages of Carnelian begins with choosing the right crystals and setting a firm intention for wellbeing.

With its beautiful shades of orange, Carnelian is not just a wonder to behold; it’s a powerhouse promoting good luck. This wonderful stone is your go-to ally when you’re yearning to unearth hidden talents and channel your inner voice into making lucky decisions.

Plus, it’s renowned for being a magnet that attracts success, especially in job interviews and public speaking engagements.

When to use: When you crave more clarity and optimism, let Carnelian guide you. Whether it’s navigating dreams vividly or seeking that extra boost in decisive moments, its energetic vibe stands by you, ushering in an era where luck is no longer a stranger but a dear friend who frequently visits.

13: Sapphire – Third Eye / Throat Chakra – Encourage Wisdom, Focus, and Self Expression, Attracting Financial Abundance

Blue Sapphire
Amazing Sapphire

This Sapphire is not just a “blue color crystal”; it’s a powerhouse harboring immense power and abundant healing properties. This wonderful stone, often linked to higher realms, invites mental acuity to stay, guiding you through the fire of stressful situations with grace.

Imagine having all the luck in the universe as your ally in making important decisions, including those in your love life; that’s the true strength of this stone.

When to use: Hold onto your sapphire when you feel lost in the sea of life’s aspects. Let it be your beacon, bringing forth clarity and wisdom, guiding you with an inner light that encourages abundance in all facets of life. It’s not just a stone; it’s a celestial guide in your pocket!

14: Garnet – Root Chakra – Increases Physical Energy, Attracting Love, and Strengthens Relationships

As a lucky stone in the realm of affection, Garnet can foster a more harmonious and loving relationship.

Garnet, the ultimate love stone, stands as your beacon during challenging times, encouraging the realization of your deepest desires. Its high vibrations amplify romantic luck, fostering a haven of passion and willpower.

Picture this: your dreams are no longer playing hard to get, thanks to garnet’s inviting light that attracts success and love with open arms.

When to use: Unleash garnet’s power when seeking confidence in love and ambitions. It revitalizes relationships with a breath of fresh passion and beckons your hidden dreams to surface, all while nurturing your physical body with grounding pizzazz. It’s your silent cheerleader, urging you to chase what your heart yearns for without hesitation.

15: Smoky Quartz – Root Chakras – Clears Negative Energy and Increases Luck in Business Relationships and Goals

Smoky Quartz
Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz is more than your new lucky charm; the talisman promotes luck by warding off negative energy, acting like a security system for bad luck. When dark clouds of stress hover, let this earth-sourced mineral help you connect to more grounded intentions.

Imagine, no more being in the right place at the wrong time but finding balance and stepping forward with a spirit unburdened by limiting beliefs.

When to use: Slip it in your pocket and carry it during meditation sessions to foster deeper connections with yourself. Meditate with it to delve into a sanctuary of calmness, escaping the fast-paced rhythms of daily life. Use Smoky Quartz to refresh, recharge, and revitalize your spirit, one peaceful meditation at a time.

16: Red Jade – Root Chakras – Stimulate Life Force Energy, Increased Motivation, Inner Strength, and Personal Success

Red Jade
Worn close to the head, red jade—often touted as a stone synonymous with “meaning chance”—has been a beacon of opportunity and potential pathways not yet explored.

Red Jade doesn’t just have a striking appearance; it’s a bonafide lucky charm, too! Known for promoting luck, it’s the gemstone equivalent of a lottery ticket with an ever-winning number. It harnesses powerful vibrations that are remarkable in attracting abundance into your life, guiding you toward good luck and success.

Just holding it feels like doing lucky actions on repeat, adding a sprinkle of fortune to your daily activities.

When to use: Lean on Red Jade during big moments where achieving is the name of the game. It’s your ideal good luck charm, adding a touch of beauty and boost to the body’s vitality, paving a track of wealth in your life journey. Carry it, feel it, and embrace the fortune it showers upon you.

17: Tourmalinated Quartz – Crown Chakra – Balance Energies, Transmutes Negative Energy into Positive Energy

Tourmalinated Quartz
Tourmalinated Quartz

Imagine wielding a shield that deflects negative energy while beckoning success and honesty to stand by your side; that’s Tourmalinated Quartz for you.

These good fortune gemstones boast spectacular healing properties, acting like a tonic for your nervous system and bringing a sense of balance that fosters compassion and dissolves desire that leads you astray.

When to use: Feeling frazzled or about to break into a web of deceit? Hold tight to these gemstones while you meditate. It’s a beacon of protection, allowing you to connect deeply with your inner truth, providing that sought-after clarity. Let this be your truthful companion, guiding you with grace in times of need.

Caring for Your Good Luck Charm

Picture this: Your favorite gemstone jewelry, the very epitome of luck, is getting ready to supercharge your new projects. But even the most powerful stone needs TLC to keep its metaphysical benefits sparkling in your living spaces.

The secret? Treating it to a “spa day” now and then. Think gentle cleanses and moonlit recharges, guaranteeing new beginnings teeming with vibrant energies in your lives. Care for your crystal like they’re royalty because they’re the true crown jewels in the world of luck-bringing!

Cleansing and Charging: Maintaining Peak Potency and Infusing Intentions your Lucky Stone

Revitalize your lucky stones, your pocketful of sunshine, to keep the good vibes rolling in your lives. Like giving a pep talk to your own luck, infusing intentions while placing crystals under the moon’s soft embrace, or during a sound bath.

Fancy a wearable good luck charm? Wear crystal jewelry to keep those powerful crystals close, whispering little luck secrets to you. Remember, whether you wear or carry them, these stones become the VIP guests in the grand event of your life, deserving of the utmost care. Let’s keep them shining.

Safe Storage: Ensuring the Longevity of Your Good Luck Stones

It’s like hosting a VIP party in a plush space for your most well-known stones. Picture red aventurine, the star guest that attracts love, nestled in silk — it’s not just about avoiding scratches, it’s about enveloping them in materials that resonate with their pizzazz.

Carry them with grace, almost like a small piece of meditation for your body, ensuring their health and longevity.

Say goodbye to fear of damage and hello to hurdling over obstacles with your vibrant, well-cared-for crystal. It’s not just storage; it’s a sanctuary. Let’s pamper them right, shall we?


We’ve danced through the dazzling universe of the most powerful stones, offering a shiny kaleidoscope into how your favorite lucky crystal can become a steadfast ally in everyday life.

Take the sparkle from this article, dodge harm like a pro with your excellent choice of gemstones, and step boldly and brilliantly forward.

Remember, a big planet of many stones is waiting just for you. Farewell, crystal aficionados, until we meet again in the luminous journey of crystals for good luck!

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