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22 Best Crystals for Money: Attract Wealth with a Crystal

Embark on a sparkling journey with the best crystals for money, where gems like Green Jade and Clear Quartz become your allies in prosperity.

These abundance stones, each with unique characteristics, combat negative energy and enrich our lives with their vibrancy.

Get ready to explore all the crystals and uncover the secret power of these money stones, pointing the way to a wealthier, more abundant you!

Short Summary

Uncover the secrets of an abundance crystal and their acclaimed role in attracting wealth, setting the stage for a journey into riches.

Learn the art of placing crystals and crafting crystal grids, unlocking the doors to infusing abundance into your life.

Delve into authentic examples and find that combining an abundance of crystals can reveal your own truth, offering a treasure trove of knowledge and practical insights on harnessing the strength of crystals for money.

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Understanding Money Crystals: Characteristics and Symbolism

Crystals for Money: Pyrite, Green Jade, Green Aventurine and Citrine outside
Among these other crystals, Pyrite, Green Jade, Green Aventurine, and Citrine stand top tier for abundance.

Crystals like clear quartz and pyrite have long been heralded for their abilities to clear negative energy and increase your intention, making them powerful allies in manifesting wealth.

Malachite is often a go-to for those seeking more money due to its healing properties and unique symbolism across cultures.

So, let’s uncover the mysteries behind these abundance crystals and learn how their energy can be a game-changer in your quest for riches.

Delving into the characteristics and symbolism of a crystal for money, it’s fascinating to note how each crystal embodies specific frequencies and attributes, with some being revered for bringing riches and others for fostering cash stability, showcasing the rich tapestry of meanings and influences these gems hold in various traditions and belief systems.

7 Main Benefits of Crystals for Wealth

  • Magnetic Attraction: Crystals such as Citrine and Pyrite act as natural conduits for cash, drawing riches closer with their unique vibrational frequencies. This magnetic pull is considered to attract not just material wealth but also opportunities and people that can pave the way for monetary success.
  • Amplified Intentions: Clear Quartz, often termed the “Master Healer,” is known to amplify energy and your intention. When programmed for wealth, it serves as a radiant beacon for your financial goals, multiplying your manifestation abilities and helping turn aspirations into reality.
  • Career Boosters: Garnet and Tiger’s Eye are more than just wealth attractors. They’re believed to enhance one’s career trajectory, opening up pathways for new opportunities, promotions, and fruitful collaborations. Wearing or placing them in your workspace can invigorate your professional journey.
  • Historical Wealth Symbols: Jade, with its deep greenish hue, has been a cherished sign of riches for centuries, especially in Asian cultures. Holding or wearing Jades connects you to a lineage of wealth seekers, imbibing their wisdom and success energies into your financial pursuits.
  • Enhanced Decision Making: Both Amethyst and Labradorite are revered for their capacity to sharpen intuition and improve clarity. In financial contexts, they can guide users toward better investment choices, clearer business decisions, and heightened awareness of potential pitfalls or opportunities.
  • Protection from Financial Negativity: Black Tourmaline, a powerful protective stone, acts as a shield against negative energies. In the realm of finance, it can guard against poor financial choices, external economic downturns, or any negative intentions directed at your financial well-being.
  • Emotional Balance for Prosperity: Green Aventurine and Rose Quartz work in tandem to foster a harmonious relationship with cash. While Green Aventurine attracts material wealth, the Rosey gem ensures the heart remains open and stress-free, reminding users that true prosperity is a balance of material riches and inner peace.

22 Best Money Stones

Are you ready to explore the realm of abundance crystals mentioned in legends? Among the best crystals for money, Malachite takes one of the prime spots, known for turning the flow of fortune in your favor.

Positioning these great crystals in the left corner(wealth corner) of your office can set the intention of attracting wealth. So, buckle up as we create a journey through the best stones, unveiling their secrets to prospering!

1: Orange Citrine: Sacral Chakra – “Merchant’s Stone” – Manifest Abundance and Success, Boosts Business Endeavors

Orange Citrine Crystal
Harnessing the power of Citrine aligns your intention, enabling you to achieve financial goals while fostering prudent spending habits.

Brimming with a bright yellow color, Citrine, often hailed as the “Merchant’s Stone,” is your go-to abundance crystal. Some people just seem to manifest wealth and meet their financial goals effortlessly. But this could be their secret…

The secret might just lie in the vibrations of Citrine, known to amplify motivation and confidence, truly a cash magnet stone! Historical anecdotes are rife with tales of traders and merchants using this gem to bring good fortune and improve their business endeavors.

Money Benefits: Citrine unique properties are considered to create abundance and prosperity, making it an essential asset for those aiming to attract wealth.

2: Green Aventurine: Heart Chakra – “Stone of Opportunity” – Attracting Good Luck, Financial Prosperity, Brings Wealth into your Life

Green Aventurine Crystal
When you carry Green Aventurine, it connects your intention with the world, bringing financial opportunities and good luck.

Dazzling in its unique greenish hue, Green Aventurine has earned its nickname as the “Stone of Opportunity.” Imagine, just by harnessing the power of such green-colored stones, you could attract luck and abundance into your life!

Known to bring prosperity, strengthen self-belief, and foster harmony, this stone is a cherished asset for those seeking good fortune and prosperity. Historical tales and cultural anecdotes abound, recounting how this gem has been pivotal in establishing wealth and fortifying relationships.

Money Benefits: Green Aventurine is renowned for its ability to attract abundance and amplify inner strength, making it an invaluable companion for those aiming to create fortune and prosperity in their lives.

3: Pyrite: Solar Plexus Chakra – “Fool’s Gold” – Attract Wealth, More Abundance, Good Fortune

Pyrite Crystal
Centered on its reputation for abundance, individuals tend to wear Pyrite, often drawing optimism and riches to the core of their endeavors.

Gleaming with a golden allure, Pyrite, aptly nicknamed “Fool’s Gold,” is far from playing the fool in the realm of abundance. Placing this powerful crystal in your wealth corner could shift your fortunes and usher in riches.

Renowned in feng shui for its ability to attract wealth and bolster determination, Pyrite is a sought-after wealth stone, sparking success in both pockets and endeavors. Tales circulate of its uncanny resemblance to real gold, not just in appearance but in its knack for creating abundance, too!

Money Benefits: With its potent attraction to wealth and inherent qualities to foster determination and success, Pyrite stands as a beacon for those desiring to bring wealth into their lives.

4: Green Jade Stone: Heart Chakra – Attracting Wealth, Prosperity, and Historical Sign of Affluence

Green Jade Crystals
Green Jade

Adorned in rich history, Green Jade has long been an emblem of affluence in Chinese history, making it a prized possession for drawing in abundance. These green crystals, deeply rooted in nature and harmony, have the potential to elevate your financial life and foster positive thinking.

Infused with qualities of health and joy, it’s no wonder it’s revered in feng shui for balancing the heart center and cultivating true wealth. Historical anecdotes and beliefs highlight its role in manifesting gratitude, fortune, and harmony, making it a cherished gem for centuries.

Money Benefits: Jade’s intrinsic qualities are key to attracting abundance and fostering a sense of joy and gratitude, laying the foundation for prosperity and true wealth in one’s life.

5: Clear Quartz Crystal: Crown Chakra – “Master Healer” – Amplifies Energy, Boosts Wealth Intentions, Multiplies Success Rates

Clear Quartz Crystals
Clear Quartz is a matter of fascination, standing out among stones for its capability to amplify energy and intention.

Donning the title of “Master Healer,” Clear Quartz is renowned as one of the most powerful crystals in the realm of wealth and well-being. Imagine a versatile crystal pulsating with powerful energy, capable of amplifying your aspirations to bring light and abundance into your life!

Known for its ability to focus and amplify vibrations, this quartz crystal is a favorite in meditation practices, helping many achieve their creative and financial goals. Stories circulate of its remarkable influence in the energy field, making it one of the most powerful tools for those seeking prosperity.

Money Benefits: Clear Quartz’s profound ability to amplify vibrations and focus intentions makes it a formidable ally for those aiming to multiply success rates and attract wealth.

6: Amethyst: Crown/Third Eye Chakras – Invokes Business Sense, Wealth Manifestation, Deepens Spiritual Growth

Amethyst Crystals
Wear amethyst to begin healing emotions, bringing tranquility and balance to your spirit.

With its royal purple hue, Amethyst stands as a beacon of calm and clear-mindedness, aiding in making wise decisions and conjuring new ideas. This purple crystal is known to improve focus and bring luck, turning dreams into reality.

Renowned for its high vibration and use in meditation, Amethyst is a catalyst for creativity and inner strength. Tales abound of this crystal being carried as a charm to manifest abundance and harness energies.

Money Benefits: Amethyst’s remarkable attributes of fostering mental clarity and focus make it a valuable ally for those seeking to cultivate abundance and make astute financial decisions.

7: Tiger’s Eye: Solar Plexus Chakra – Grounding Energy, Attract Money, Encourages Financial Risks

Tiger's Eye Stone
Tiger’s Eye

Glistening with stabilizing energy, Tigers Eye is not just another pretty rock but a prosperity crystal known for steering you in the right direction. Feeling a surge of courage and self-confidence when making smart choices is a common experience when you have this stone.

That’s the Tiger’s Eye working its charm, amplifying your leadership qualities and fostering inner strength. A sprinkle of humor and a dash of irony – who knew a stone could encourage taking financial risks and still keep you balanced?

Money Benefits: With a Tiger Eye crystal in your corner, attracting wealth and nurturing positive energy becomes a playful dance, turning every step into a journey of achieving abundant affluence.

8: Malachite Stone: Heart Chakra – Transforms Energies, Attracts Wealth and Abundance

Malachite Stones

Draped in vivid green, Malachite is more than a pretty face in the crystal world; it’s a prosperity crystal with a knack for transforming energies and fostering a positive outlook. Feeling stuck in old patterns is a common experience, but this can help you.

This stone helps you heal emotionally and shift towards creating the feelings and luck you desire. A helpful companion, Malachite encourages smart spending and can be a trusty ally to tap into when debt looms.

Money Benefits: Carrying Malachite sets an example of achieving abundance, as its transformative qualities are beneficial to attracting financial gains and maintaining a balanced approach to one’s worldly desires.

9: Rose Quartz: Heart Chakra – Unconditional Love, Encourages Giving, Boosts Financial Growth

Rose Quartz Stone
Spend some time with this great stone; it encourages giving.

Known as the stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz fosters a positive mindset and a sense of gratitude, essential elements in cultivating prosperity.

This quartz crystal soothes emotional turmoil and promotes a calm, positive relationship with oneself and others. Ever heard the saying, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity”? Well, with this rosey gem, you’re combining its energies with your intentions, making it a great stone to point you toward financial development.

Money Benefits: Rose Quartz, with its serene vibes and encouragement of self-love, opens doors to feelings of gratitude and positivity, laying a solid foundation for attracting abundance and good luck.

10: Green Emerald: Heart Chakra – Symbol of Rich, Attracts Loyalty, Encourages Money and Wealth

Green Emerald Stone
Green Emerald

Gazing upon the radiant Green Emerald often ignites a sense of joy and passion within. This gem, one of the most coveted green stones, is a constant reminder of self-belief and the pursuit of true wealth.

Whether launching a new business or seeking prosperity and abundance, the combination of Green Emerald’s powers can lead you in many ways toward realizing your dreams. Who knew that a stone could offer such a kaleidoscope of luck and self-assurance?

Money Benefits: Green Emerald, symbolizing richness, attracts loyalty and encourages both financial development and the manifestation of one’s deepest aspirations.

11: Peridot: Heart/Solar Plexus Chakras – Boosts Manifestation Process, Attracts Financial Success, Enhances Wealth and Abundance

Peridot Stones

Meet Peridot, a green gem known for sparking new beginnings, fostering a positive outlook, and manifesting wealth.

With its vibrant energy, this crystal strengthens your desires, fuels creativity, and opens the floodgates to abundance and prosperity. Isn’t it fascinating how combining the crystal’s energy with the right mindset can create a symphony of abundance?

Money Benefits: Peridot is celebrated for boosting the manifestation process, bringing financial success, and enhancing your cash, making it a true companion in creating a life of abundance.

12: Red Ruby: Heart/Base Chakras – Represents Personal Power, Attracts More Wealth, Symbolizes Luxury

Red Ruby Stone
Red Ruby, you can feel this crystal’s energy.

Ever gazed upon a Red Ruby and felt a surge of energy and fire? This gem, one of the most powerful crystals, symbolizes luxury and ignites a passion for achieving success. With its vibrant vitality, it infuses confidence and leadership qualities, guiding those seeking financial freedom on the path of luck and abundance.

Wondering how to combine this fiery mindset with self-worth? Embracing Red Ruby’s energy, align your intention with your desires, allowing the gem’s vibrancy to fortify your worth and lead you to make choices that reflect your value, ultimately paving the way for abundance and success.

Money Benefits: Red Ruby is renowned for representing personal power, bringing more wealth, and fueling the journey towards economic affluence, making it a noteworthy companion in your space for abundance.

13: Red Garnet: Root Chakra – Enhances Career, Manifests Prosperity, Boost Business Endeavors

Red Garnet Stone
Red Garnet

Ever held a Red Garnet and felt a surge of dynamic energy and motivation? This vivid stone is known for its power to inspire creative willpower, making it one of the right crystals for those seeking energetic support in making wise decisions.

With its vibrant vitality, it’s no surprise that this gem is commonly associated with enhancing career endeavors and manifesting riches. Envision your space radiating with the luck and energy of Red Garnet; wouldn’t it serve as a constant note of motivation?

Money Benefits: The energetic and motivational qualities of Red Garnet are crucial for those desiring to boost business endeavors and attract a flow of riches, making it a remarkable addition to your collection of rich-attraction crystals.

14: Selenite: Crown Chakra – Spiritual Growth, Attract Abundance, Aligns with a Higher Frequency

Selenite Stone
Selenite, with its ethereal glow, serves as a point of light, guiding spiritual connections and precision in your journey.

Radiating with divine light, Selenite is a beacon for those seeking spiritual growth and a connected universe. Ever feel like your positive thinking needs a raise? This crystal is here to raise your vibration and clear your energy fields, ensuring you stay open and receptive to the receiving hand.

Mental clarity becomes your companion, dealing with the hustle of daily life becomes a breeze, and who knows, a sprinkle of luck might just grace your spirit.

Money Benefits: Aligning with a higher frequency, Selenite attracts abundance, serving as a luminary guide in your journey towards riches by enhancing clarity and fostering a mindset that connects with the universe.

15: Black Tourmaline: Root Chakra – Provides Protection, Attracting Prosperity, Shields from Negative Energy

Black Tourmaline Stones
Connect with Black Tourmaline and let it protect you.

Ever felt surrounded by negativity and self-limiting beliefs? Black Tourmaline acts as an energy magnet, shifting your mindset and will rid you of any fear, transforming your desk into a hub of positivity and desire.

Who wouldn’t find this helpful when dealing with debt? This crystal blocks negative thought patterns, ensuring that luck and riches are never far behind.

Money Benefits: Black Tourmaline is a powerful protector, attracting prosperity by fostering a positive environment and shielding you from the fears and negativity that can hinder economic advancement.

16: Labradorite: Throat/Third Eye Chakras – Transforms Energy, Manifests Financial Success, Boost Intuition

Labradorite Stone
With Labradorite stones, you can connect and discover a unique connection, where words become the bridge to unearthed potentials and unseen realms.

Have you ever felt a surge of inspiration while gazing at the shimmering surface of Labradorite? This magical gemstone is a beacon of intuition and a catalyst for discovering fresh, innovative ideas.

Break free from old patterns and bolster self-confidence as you navigate through life with Labradorite by your side. Whether you wear it, spend some meditative moments with it, or let it adorn your office desk, it’s bound to shift the flow of your intention toward riches.

Money Benefits: Labradorite, renowned for awakening imagination and turning dreams into reality, serves as an enchanting companion in aligning with abundance and unveiling the magic in your monetary journey.

17: Moss Agate: Heart Chakras – Ensures Good Crop, Attract Abundance, Strengthens Connection to Earth

Moss Agate Stone
Moss Agate

Draped in a lush shade of green, Moss Agate is more than just a pretty green crystal; it’s a beacon of abundance and prosperity. Ever feel a yearning for balance and growth?

This crystal, deeply connected to earth and nature, fosters a positive mindset, setting the stage for your desire to take root and flourish. Surrounded by the gentle whispers of leaves, envision your life enriched and grounded with Moss Agate as your companion in this journey of abundance.

Money Benefits: Moss Agate, renowned for ensuring good crops and strengthening one’s connection to Earth, is a gem that brings stability and growth, making it a prime choice for those seeking abundance in multiple ways.

18: Blue Kyanite: Third Eye/Throat Chakra- Aligns Chakras, Manifesting Wealth, Boost Communication

Blue Kyanite
Blue Kyanite is such a powerful crystal.

Ever held a piece of Blue Kyanite and felt the wave of crystal energy directing your path towards abundance? This stone, known for aligning chakras and manifesting wealth, is like a compass guiding you to the universe’s abundance.

By wearing Blue Kyanite, you connect with its energy, shedding self-limiting beliefs and setting the right direction in life. Isn’t it fascinating how a shift in mindset and a little intention can bring a cascade of abundance into your life?

Money Benefits: Blue Kyanite, a beacon for boosting communication, tends to align one with riches, making it a quintessential carry-along gem for those intending to wave goodbye to monetary constraints and embrace a universe of abundance.

19: Bloodstone: Root/Heart Chakras – Enhance Business, Boosts Financial Gain, Strengthens Courage

Among other crystals, Bloodstone will improve your cash flow.

Known for strengthening courage, Bloodstone is a powerful tool, acting as an energy magnet that draws vitality and boosts self-belief. Ever wondered how to propel your path forward with a surge of health and essential vigor?

With Bloodstone, form your intention to harness luck and abundance in life. This green gem, speckled with red spots, is not just about courage; it’s a holistic emblem of vitality, paving your way to a center of riches.

Money Benefits: Embedded with the essence of courage and vitality, Bloodstone is a treasure for those seeking to cultivate abundance, making it an indispensable companion on your monetary journey.

20: Yellow Sapphire: Solar Plexus & Throat Chakras – Attracts Wealth, Invokes Financial Abundance, Represents Affluence

Yellow Sapphire
Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire, with its radiant gleam, isn’t just a sparkling adornment; it’s a powerhouse of abundance! Have you ever wondered how some people seamlessly attract riches?

This gem could be their secret! Known as one of the most potent abundance crystals, it’s said to concentrate your willpower, turning financial goals from mere wishes into reality. Placing it in your wealth corner, you might just find your wealth affirmation becoming more effective.

Money Benefits: Yellow Sapphire is acclaimed for invoking riches, aligning affluence with your intention, and giving that much-needed boost to manifest prosperity and abundance in one’s finances.

21: Yellow Topaz: Solar Plexus/Sacral Chakras – Symbolizes Luxury and Represents Abundance

Yellow Topaz
Manifest money with Yellow Topaz.

Have you heard of Yellow Topaz, the dazzling gem that symbolizes luxury? It’s not just a feast for the eyes; it’s one of the standout money crystals for manifesting abundance.

Envision positioning it by your front door; could this be the catalyst for a pay increase or a leap in success? With its fiery energy, it’s renowned for honing your intention, transforming aspirations of money and wealth into tangible finances.

Money Benefits: Yellow Topaz, representing abundance in life, is a sought-after crystal for those aspiring to improve their monetary standing, making it a sparkling ally in pursuing riches.

22: Lodestone (Magnetite): Root Chakra – “Magnetizes” Wealth, Attracts Financial Success, Aligns with True Prosperity

Lodestone is an example of a true abundance stone.

This intriguing abundance stone, Lodestone, is all about magnetism, drawing more money into your life, and breaking down those pesky money blocks.

Renowned as one of the most popular crystals for abundance, it’s like setting intentions with a magnetic enhancement! Placing this crystal in various ways around your space could be the stability and forward momentum you’ve been seeking.

Money Benefits: Lodestone, with its unique attraction characteristics, aligns you with true prosperity by breaking barriers and magnetizing economic triumph, making it an essential money crystal.

Maximizing the Power of Wealth Gemstones for Prosperity

Curious about maximizing the strength of abundance crystals? Placing crystals in your money corner or embedding them in jewelry can unlock their healing properties, turning your wallet into a magnet for attracting money!

Creating a crystal grid amplifies the energy, making it a potent method for inviting riches. Remember, the best crystal in the world won’t work without the right intention. Set your goals, align your energy, and watch the cash roll into your life, purse, and pocket!

Crystal Grid, Meditation, and Jewelry with a Money Stone

Craving more crystal magic? Place them strategically around your room, body, or work desk to form a potent crystal grid, and don’t overlook the power of adorning yourself with crystal jewelry like rings, necklaces, and earrings. Meditating with these gems can help maintain a clear mind, setting the stage for monetary abundance.

Pro tip: Tucking a crystal into your wallet or purse ensures you’re constantly enveloped by their prosperous vibes! And remember, the closer they are—like in your pocket—the more intimate and powerful the connection, enhancing your journey to abundance.

The Importance of Cleansing Your Prosperity Gemstones

Did you know that cleansing your prosperity crystals plays a pivotal role in maintaining their vibrational potency? Regular cleansing rids them of accumulated stale vibrations, allowing them to serve you at their full potential.

Common methods include placing crystals in your bedroom to ground their energy or letting them sit under the moonlight to recharge. Embrace this focused practice, and you may just find new habits and a world of abundance beginning to unfold in your life!


Close-up view of a person wearing a necklace with Citrine and Pyrite crystals to harness wealth and prosperity
When you wear Citrine and Pyrite, expect to attract money. You can also place crystals on your desk or in your workplace.

Delving into the world of stones for money, isn’t it intriguing how clear quartz can magnify your personal power to attract money?

Positioning these wealth crystals at your front door can be a game-changer, ushering in positive energy and, perhaps, a more mindful approach to spending cash. Don’t forget when you wear these gems it can also heal your monetary frequencies.

Exploring the strength of these gems, you might find a special spot in your money corner to escalate their effects and manifest abundance. Unearthing your perfect pair among crystals for money could be the key to unlocking a world of abundance!

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