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17 Best Crystals for Pregnancy: Stones for Pregnant Women

In the realm of crystals for pregnancy, each gemstone is like a unique whisper of nature, promising to infuse the journey to motherhood with its healing powers.

From the comforting embrace of Rose Quartz to the vibrant, energy-boosting vibes of Carnelian, these crystals absorb the stresses of pregnancy, offering a natural energy akin to a breath of fresh air.

Let these crystals remind you of the healing and power they can stimulate, enhancing your path to a healthy pregnancy with every shimmering facet.

Crystals for Pregnancy: Short Summary

Discover the mystical world of crystals, where each gem, from Rose Quartz to Moonstone, is not just a pretty stone but a beacon of healing powers designed to support you throughout your pregnancy journey.

You’ll learn how to integrate these companions into your daily life, wear them as reminders of your strength, and how their unique magic benefits can help you stay connected to your inner self and the new life you’re fostering.

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What are Pregnancy Crystals? Can Healing Crystals and Stones Really Help Women?

A Pinterest-inspired image featuring an array of the best crystals for pregnancy alongside baby essentials, symbolizing the comforting voyage of motherhood.
Discover the serene world of the best pregnancy crystals, beautifully merged with baby essentials in this aesthetically pleasing snapshot, capturing the essence of motherhood and natural healing.

Pregnancy crystals are specialized crystals used in crystal healing to assist women on their pregnancy journey.

These crystals, chosen for their specific healing powers and loving energy, are thought to resonate with the physical and psychological changes in an expecting mother’s body.

The idea is that the right crystal can provide comfort, promote physical welfare, and bolster the immune system, which is crucial while pregnant.

Many believe these crystals can help alleviate common pregnancy-related issues, such as reducing stretch marks and easing feelings of self-doubt or feeling overwhelmed.

Some crystals are even thought to assist in the later stages of pregnancy, potentially helping to stimulate contractions when the time comes.

They’re not just for women; certain healing crystals are considered to assist male fertility, keeping both partners feeling connected and supported throughout the pregnancy journey.

The use of these crystals is a personal choice, offering an additional layer of psychological assistance and a feeling of strength to many expecting mothers.

While the effectiveness of these crystals is more spiritual than scientific, they remain a cherished part of many women’s journey to motherhood.

6 Benefits of Gemstones for Pregnancy

  • Alleviating Stress and Anxiety: Crystals like Lepidolite, Rose Quartz, and Blue Lace Agate are believed to have calming qualities that can help reduce stress and anxiety, which is especially beneficial during the hormonal fluctuations of pregnancy. These crystals are thought to emit gentle, soothing energies, providing a feeling of calm and relaxation that can be deeply comforting for pregnant women facing the psychological challenges of pregnancy.
  • Supporting Physical Health and Welfare: Certain crystals, such as Bloodstone, Ruby, Orange Calcite, and Carnelian, are traditionally associated with enhancing physical vitality and supporting the body’s natural energy. They are believed to help with issues like morning sickness and overall physical health, providing a boost to the immune system and aiding in maintaining the health of both the mother and the unborn child.
  • Enhancing Psychological Connection and Intuition: Moonstone and Unakite are often used for their attachment to feminine energy and intuition, helping to deepen the bonding between the mom and baby. These crystals are thought to foster a deeper connection with the natural rhythms of pregnancy and childbirth, enhancing the maternal instinct and the psychological journey of motherhood.
  • Promote Restoration and Balance: Crystals like Moonstone and Fluorite are believed to bring balance to the physical body and mind, aiding in the overall welfare of the mother. They are thought to help balance the sacral chakra, which is closely associated with pregnancy and fertility, and the reproductive organs, potentially aiding in a healthier pregnancy and easing the transition into motherhood.
  • Spiritual Support and Growth: Crystals such as Selenite and Labradorite are used for their spiritual qualities, offering a sense of peace and connection to a higher sense of self. They are believed to provide support during the transformative voyage of pregnancy, aiding in spiritual well-being and offering a sense of anchoring and connectedness to the earth and the larger universe.
  • Enhancing Fertility and Preparing for Childbirth: Crystals such as Lapis, Moonstone, and Carnelian are revered for their purported fertility-enhancing properties and are believed to help prepare the body and mind for childbirth. These crystals are thought to resonate with the body’s energy fields, potentially stimulating the reproductive organs and aligning the body’s energies for conception, providing support and a holistic approach to pregnancy and child delivery. They can also make a great gift.

Quick Crystal Pregnancy Overview

  • Rose Quartz: Radiating warm energy and fostering emotional healing, this crystal nurtures the bond between mother and unborn child, making it a quintessential stone for a harmonious and loving pregnancy journey.
  • Moonstone: A symbol of feminine energy and fertility, Moonstone supports a healthy pregnancy by balancing hormones and enhancing intuition, creating a deep connection with the natural rhythm of motherhood.
  • Amethyst: Renowned for its calming qualities, this crystal alleviates stress and mood swings, fostering emotional balance and a feeling of calm, which is crucial for a serene pregnancy experience.
  • Unakite: Supporting the reproductive system and promoting healthy pregnancy, these crystals aid in creating a caring environment for both the mom and unborn baby, balancing physical and mental welfare.
  • Aquamarine: This stone of courage and clarity helps soothe morning sickness and calms fluid retention, making this an excellent stone for maintaining psychological and physical balance during pregnancy.
  • Carnelian: Known for stimulating the reproductive organs and boosting sexual energy, This crystal enhances vitality and uplifting energy, supporting pregnant women throughout the pregnancy journey.
  • Jade: As a symbol of good health and care, this stone offers protective properties and psychological harmony, ensuring overall well-being for both the pregnant woman and her unborn baby.
  • Chrysocolla: Ideal for the birth process, Chrysocolla eases labor pains and strengthens the body, providing a soothing energy that fosters a peaceful birth experience.
  • Lapis Lazuli: Enhancing communication and heartfelt honesty, these stones help pregnant women express their needs and feelings, fostering a deep sense of peace and harmony.
  • Moss Agate: As a stone of new beginnings, this crystal brings balance and steadiness, nurturing the maternal journey and supporting psychological growth throughout the pregnancy.
  • Malachite: A powerful protector, Malachite guards against negative energies and supports the immune system, promoting a healthy pregnancy and alleviating fears associated with childbirth.
  • Turquoise: Revered as a protective stone, this crystal fosters inner peace and psychological equilibrium, helping expectant mothers stay grounded and balanced during their pregnancy.
  • Peridot: Known for banishing stress and promoting positive thinking, these crystals enhance mental well-being and immune health, making them a radiant choice for a healthy pregnancy.
  • Selenite: Promoting serenity and clarity, Selenite aids in achieving restful sleep and a clear mind, which is essential for maintaining a relaxed state during the emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy.
  • Fluorite: Offering mental clarity and steadiness, this crystal helps pregnant women stay focused and balanced, mitigating the stress and psychological shifts commonly experienced with being pregnant.
  • Black Tourmaline: Known for its grounding and protective energies, this stone shields against negative influences and supports mental stability, which is essential for a safe and grounded pregnancy.
  • Citrine: As a stone of positivity and joy, this stone helps uplift mood and encourages self-care, boosting pregnant women’s overall well-being and confidence.

17 Best Crystals to Help You

Embarking on the pregnancy journey can be a bit like navigating a mystical maze, where each turn can be illuminated by the unique energy of crystals.

Not all crystals are created equal, especially when it comes to supporting life’s most magical voyage.

From the gentle vibes of Unakite to the grounding force of Tourmaline, these crystals offer more than just a pretty sparkle; they connect with chakras, heal the spirit, and remind us of the profound changes our bodies and souls undergo.

1: Rose Quartz: Heart Chakra – Emotional Healing, Unconditional Love

Rose Quartz - Stimulate your body
Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz, a gem in the crown of fertility crystals, is celebrated for its ability to foster compassion and emotional bonding between mama and child, radiating a sensitive, loving energy that supports the heart during pregnancy.

This wonderful stone is touted as a powerful tool to bolster the immune system, providing expectant mothers with both physical and emotional fortitude throughout their journey.

Perfect gift for anyone in your family or friends.

2: Moonstone: Sacral Chakra – Fertility Support, Balances Hormones, Feminine Energy


Moonstone, often hailed as a great stone for pregnancy, shines with benefits catering to the psychological and physical aspects of this transformative voyage.

Its soothing presence is known to alleviate feelings of anxiety, maintaining a harmonious flow of energy throughout the whole body and providing a feeling of calm and balance to mothers-to-be as they navigate the waves of pregnancy life.

3: Purple Amethyst: Third Eye Chakra – Stress Alleviation, Emotional Balance

Purple Amethyst - Stimulate your body, linked to the third eye chakra

Amethyst, often revered as a great stone for its calming magic, stands out in the realm of crystals, offering a trio of benefits to expecting mamas.

Its serene vibes are known to soothe anxiety and balance hormones, providing an extra push of tranquility to both the body and mind, making it an ideal companion for fostering deep bonding throughout the pregnancy journey.

4: Unakite: Heart Chakra – Healthy Pregnancy, Emotional Protection

Unakite Stone

Unakite, with its cool and earthy vibes, is like a Swiss Army knife in the world of crystals, known for balancing the emotional rollercoaster of motherhood.

This stone not only helps to soothe anxiety and encourage a comforting flow of emotions but is also celebrated for its ability to cleanse the body and mind, reminding moms-to-be to embrace the transformative voyage with grace and resilience.

5: Aquamarine: Throat Chakra – Calming Energy, Reduces Mood Swings

Aquamarine Crystal

With its cool hues, Aquamarine is more than just a drop in the ocean of crystals; it’s a lifeline for moms-to-be navigating the challenging tides of this voyage.

Revered for its benefit of reducing anxiety and promoting a feeling of peace, this pregnancy crystal encourages a harmonious flow of energy, making it a wonder of the crystal world that many choose to wear as jewelry, serving as a helpful reminder to embrace the ebb and flow of life.

6: Carnelian: Sacral Chakra – Reproductive Health, Boosts Vitality


Carnelian, a stone as fiery as the night is dark, is celebrated in the crystal world for its abundance of benefits while you are pregnant.

Revered for enhancing male fertility and giving couples the best chance to conceive, this great stone is also a champion for the immune system, helping to keep both mama and baby physically robust throughout the pregnancy voyage

7: Jade: Heart Chakra – Nurturing Energy, Protective Properties

Green Jade
Green Jade

Jade, a small stone with a big reputation for good fortune, finds its special place in the realm of crystals, offering a trio of benefits for an expecting mom.

Revered for its connection with nature, Jade is thought to stimulate a harmonious force, enhancing both bodily and psychological well-being, while its subtle aura fosters confidence, making it a cherished piece of jewelry for many women on their voyage through motherhood.

8: Chrysocolla: Throat Chakra – Soothing Labor Pains, Emotional Strength


Chrysocolla, a stone as vibrant as a peacock’s plumage, offers a helpful trio of advantages for those wearing it during their special time of awaiting new life when you wear it.

Be stressed no more and boost emotional stamina; this captivating gem encourages open communication, creating a serene space for mothers-to-be to experiment with their newfound role while basking in its natural beauty.

9: Lapis Lazuli: Throat Chakra – Enhances Communication, Emotional Balance

Lapis Lazuli
Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, a helpful gem as deep, free, and mysterious as the night sky, stands as a great stone for those embarking on the maternal voyage, offering a constellation of benefits. You will feel relief from all tensions, mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Known for its capability to alleviate anxiety and enhance intuition, this gem brings a dose of serenity and good vibrations, encouraging mamas-to-be to communicate freely and navigate their emotional landscape with the wisdom of the ancient heavens.

10: Moss Agate: Heart Chakra – New Beginnings, Stability of Emotions

Moss Agate
Moss Agate

Moss Agate, a gem that’s as connected to the earth as it is to the chakras, brings a unique blend of advantages to those navigating the flow of life during pregnancy.

This stone is known for its capability to diminish fear, enhance happiness, and reduce anxiety, making it an ideal piece of jewelry to wear, reminding mamas-to-be of the comforting embrace of the universe in many different ways.

11: Malachite: Heart Chakra – Protective Energies, Emotional Well-Being

Malachite Stone

Malachite, a great stone known for its rich green hues, is more than just a dazzling accessory for the wearer; it is linked with profound maternal desires.

Revered for its vibration that’s believed to strengthen the immune system and alleviate fear, Malachite is a powerful ally, stimulating both the physical and psychological bodies of expectant mamas, ensuring they feel less harm and more harmony on their journey.

12: Turquoise: Throat Chakra – Protective Stone, Promotes Inner Peace


Turquoise, often likened to a piece of the sky captured in stone, is more than just a pretty crystal; it’s a symbol of serenity and strength for those on the fertility voyage.

Revered as a soul-soothing stone, Turquoise helps alleviate pressure and anxiety, stimulates positivity, and is cherished among fertility crystals for its reputed capability to create an atmosphere conducive to helping you conceive.

13: Peridot: Heart Chakra – Alleviates Stress, Emotional Well-Being


Peridot, a helpful crystal shimmering with shades of prosperity and renewal, is a potent ally for life’s transformative phases, particularly during the maternal journey.

It’s prized for its capability to soothe emotions and anxiety, alleviate pain during childbirth, and stimulate chakras, making it not just a piece of jewelry but a powerful tool for those navigating the highs and lows of this unique time.

14: Selenite Crystals: Crown Chakra – Clarity of Mind, Calming Energy


Selenite, with its serene beauty, is like a lighthouse in the ocean of life, guiding and calming the tides of emotions during the voyage of bringing life into the world.

Renowned for its capability to align and stimulate the crown chakra, it’s not just some random fertility crystals but a light of spiritual and physical balance, helping individuals to flow and tap into their inner power and navigate the transformative process of motherhood.

15: Fluorite: Third Eye Chakra – Emotional Focus, Protective Energy


With its vibrant shades, Fluorite, acts like a chakra whisperer, harmoniously aligning the energy centers to foster mental freedom and clarity, which is especially helpful for those embarking on the rich and varied path of motherhood.

It’s like having a colorful life coach in crystal form, offering an idea and a sense of prosperity, ensuring that every step on this world-changing voyage is supported with a touch of crystal magic.

16: Black Tourmaline: Root Chakra – Grounding Energy, Protective Shield

Black Tourmaline Stone - Ground yourself
Ground yourself with the Black Tourmaline, part of the root chakra.

Black Tourmaline, the guardian of the root chakra, stands as a powerful ally for those seeking to feel grounded and stable during the mental roller coaster of male fertility and the voyage to parenthood.

It’s like a detox guru for the soul, tirelessly working to cleanse the body and mind from toxins, while its deep connection with the Earth’s energies helps to fortify the immune system and keep expectant parents emotionally free and connected.

17: Citrine: Solar Plexus Chakra – Positive Energy, Emotional Balance

Orange Citrine

Citrine, a radiant crystal that’s like sunshine in stone form, will energize the solar plexus chakra, sparking joy and strengthening resolve during the multifaceted voyage of expecting a child.

It’s a worry-buster, fanning the flames of passion and power within, helping to ground and connect expectant parents to the rich aspects of life, making it more than just a pretty crystal – it’s a light of fire, which will stimulate your positivity.

How to Integrate Crystals for Beneficial Healing Properties

  • Wear Crystal Jewelry: Incorporating crystals like Unakite or Hematite into jewelry, such as necklaces or a bracelet, allows pregnant women to keep the healing energy of these crystals close throughout the day. Wearing these crystals as jewelry not only serves as a constant reminder of their positive intentions while you are pregnant but also helps in maintaining a balanced flow of energy, reducing stress, and enhancing the feeling of being grounded and connected to Mother Earth. They are excellent as a pregnancy gift.
  • Making a Crystal Grid: Setting up a crystal grid with crystals like Unakite, Quartz, and Green Aventurine in a sacred space can help to amplify the energetic properties of the crystals, focusing on intentions such as a healthy birth, psychological welfare and physical vitality. A gemstone grid, arranged during the full moon or in a meaningful pattern, can serve as a powerful tool in meditation, helping pregnant women connect with their unborn child and creating a harmonious energy field around them.
  • Placing Crystals in the Home: Strategically placing protective crystals like Selenite and or a black onyx crystal in the home, especially in areas where pregnant women spend a lot of time, can create a calming and protective environment. These crystals can neutralize negative energy, promote physical and emotional balance, and ensure that the space radiates peaceful vibes, aiding in alleviating stress and fostering a relaxing atmosphere for both the mom and baby.
  • Using Crystals During Meditation and Yoga: Holding or placing crystals such as Moonstone or Tiger’s Eye during meditation or yoga can enhance focus, intention, and inner strength. This practice allows pregnant women to deepen their attachment to their body and the growing baby, using the energy of the crystals to foster a feeling of calm, balance the chakras, and support the voyage into motherhood.
  • Sleeping with Crystals Under the Pillow: Placing crystals like Hematite or Lapis crystals under the pillow can promote restful sleep; it’s an effective way and an essential aspect of prenatal care. These crystals are thought to help calm the mind, alleviate stress and anxiety, and offer pregnancy protection during sleep, ensuring that the pregnant woman wakes up feeling refreshed and energetically balanced.
  • Carrying Small Stones or Gems: Keeping small stones like Garnet or Emerald in a pocket or purse can be a subtle yet effective way to harness their healing properties throughout the day. These crystals can help boost vitality, providing psychological support and offering gentle reminders of the wearer’s intentions for a healthy and empowered pregnancy.

How to Maintain Crystals and Gemstones to Keep Negative Energy at Bay

  • Regular Cleansing of Gems: To maintain the efficacy of gems like Rose Quartz and Moonstone, it’s essential to regularly cleanse them to remove accumulated stagnant energy and restore their natural vibrational qualities. This can be done through various methods, such as placing them under the moon, immersing them in salt water, or smudging with sage, ensuring that they remain a potent source of positive vibes and assist throughout the pregnancy.
  • Proper Storage and Handling: Crystals used during pregnancy, such as Aquamarine, Amethyst, and Unakite, should be stored properly when not in use to preserve their energy and structure. Keeping them in a soft pouch or a wooden box can protect them from physical damage and energy interference. Handling them with care and respect and acknowledging their role in supporting your pregnancy journey can also help in maintaining their vibrational integrity and effectiveness.


Enchanting array of crystals, beautifully arranged to represent the comforting voyage of motherhood and the supportive power of healing stones
Discover the serene and comforting world of pregnancy crystals, a symbol of the harmonious blend of motherhood’s joys and challenges.

These small stones of transformation, each with its own powerful healing crystal properties, are ready to stand guard in your pocket or by your bedside at night.

From easing worries about the birth canal to aiding overall healing, incorporating these crystals into your daily routine might add that extra touch of magic to the incredible voyage of bringing new life.

So, whether you’re an expectant mom or a supportive partner, remember, the world of crystals is always there to offer its subtle, shimmering support.

Frequently Asked Questions

What crystal helps you get pregnant?

Moonstone, renowned in many cultures as a wonderful stone for fertility, is widely considered the best fertility crystal due to its reputed ability to balance hormonal cycles and enhance female energy.

This gemstone, often incorporated into fertility bracelets, is thought to harmonize the body’s natural rhythms and promote physical and psychological conditions conducive to conception.

What does rose quartz do for pregnancy?

Rose Quartz, known as the stone of unconditional love, is thought to create an aura of loving and healing energy around pregnant women, offering them psychological support and a deep feeling of attachment to their unborn child.

This crystal, cherished for its gentle and motherly qualities, is thought to alleviate stress and negativity, fostering a serene environment for both the mom and baby throughout the pregnancy.

What energy crystal is good for fertility?

Carnelian is often recommended as an energy crystal for fertility due to its vibrant, stimulating qualities that are said to boost sexual energy and enhance overall vitality.

Revered in crystal healing for its ability to stimulate the sacral chakra, It is thought to positively influence the reproductive system, making it a go-to choice for those seeking to overcome fertility issues

What crystal is for motherhood?

Garnet is traditionally associated with motherhood, offering a feeling of grounding and empowering energy that helps new mothers navigate the transformative journey of parenthood.

This gemstone is thought to promote strength and endurance, providing physical and psychological support and helping to alleviate the anxieties and challenges commonly faced during the postpartum period.

What is the chakra for getting pregnant?

The sacral chakra, located near the lower abdomen, is traditionally associated with fertility and conception; it is thought in many practices that stimulating this chakra can enhance fertility and support the process of getting pregnant.

Crystals like Unakite and Moonstone, known as powerful fertility crystals, are often used to align and energize the sacral chakra, aiding in the creation of a harmonious and fertile environment for conception.

Is Tiger’s Eye good for fertility?

Tiger’s Eye crystal, primarily known for its qualities of grounding and empowerment, is not typically classified among the best fertility crystals, but it is thought to boost personal power and create a feeling of balance in the body.

While it may not directly stimulate fertility like some other healing stones, its energetic properties can contribute to an overall state of physical and mental welfare, which can be beneficial in the fertility journey.

Do fertility crystal bracelets work?

Fertility crystal bracelets, often adorned with crystals like Unakite and Black Onyx, are thought in crystal healing circles to harness the healing powers of these gemstones, potentially aiding in fertility by fostering physical health and psychological equilibrium.

While the efficacy of a bracelet relies heavily on personal belief and the placebo effect, many women wear them as a symbol of their intention and desire for fertility, finding comfort and a feeling of strength in their presence.

Is rose quartz a fertility stone?

Rose Quartz is primarily known as a stone of unconditional love and psychological restoration rather than a traditional fertility stone; however, its soothing and stress-relieving qualities can create a caring environment conducive to fertility.

By fostering a sense of calm and self-love, this great stone is thought to indirectly support fertility by reducing stress and stagnant energy, which can positively impact the overall health and wellness necessary for conception.

What does the moonstone mean for motherhood?

Moonstone, celebrated in crystal healing for its attachment to the moon and womanly essence, symbolizes the intuition and caring aspects of motherhood, providing psychological assistance and fostering a deep, intuitive bond between mom and child, reflecting the caring power and the cyclical nature of life.

How to get pregnant spiritually?

Embracing a spiritual approach to pregnancy involves connecting with one’s body and soul, often through mindfulness practices and rituals that focus on fertility; using crystals and birthstones like Rose Quartz and Carnelian can enhance this spiritual journey, fostering an environment of love, creativity, and positive energy conducive to conception.

What color is good luck for pregnancy?

Green, often associated with fertility, healing, growth, and renewal in many cultures, is considered a lucky color for pregnancy; incorporating green elements, such as wearing Emerald jewelry or decorating with green aventurine, can symbolize the fostering of new life and promote a feeling of reliability and welfare.

What stone protects you during pregnancy?

Black Onyx and Amethyst are crystals widely recognized for their protective healing properties during pregnancy; Onyx is thought to absorb negative energy and promote physical strength, while Amethyst is revered for its relaxing influence, reducing stress and anxiety, thus making a protective shield for both the mom and unborn child.

How to use crystal elixir during pregnancy?

Using a crystal elixir during pregnancy, such as one infused with Clear Quartz or Amethyst, involves drinking water that has been energetically enhanced by these stones, thought to transmit their healing properties.

Clear Quartz is thought to amplify positive vibes and strengthen the immune system, while Amethyst promotes balance of your emotions and a feeling of calm, providing beneficial assistance for the physical and psychological changes experienced throughout pregnancy.

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