Exquisite collection of the world's rarest crystals, showcasing unique and mystical geological formations

23 Rarest Crystals 2023: Illegal Magic Inside Now 🪄

Welcome to the exclusive club of the earth’s rarest crystals, where the red diamond and black opal from Lightning Ridge are the VIPs.

Whether it’s a gem-quality tanzanite found only near Mount Kilimanjaro or an incredibly rare padparadscha sapphire unearthed in Sri Lanka after decades of search, these specimens are the show-stoppers of the gem world.

With their jaw-dropping colors and formations, a few crystals such as red beryl and Jadeite aren’t just for your jewelry box; they’re the crown jewels of Mother Earth herself. Buckle up as we dig into the allure and mystique of the 23 10 rarest crystals.

From the large piece of alexandrite that shifts colors like a chameleon to the lavender hues of amethyst clusters from the Ural Mountains and the enigmatic gems of Madagascar, each crystal is a story waiting to be told.

Rarest Crystals in The World: Short Summary

Ready to trade your cheap spinels for something that’ll make you feel like gemstone royalty?

From alexandrite, the chameleon of the gem family with the ability to shift colors, found in a quarry owned by no less than Mother Nature herself, to the ruby that is rarely as red as your blushing aunt at a family reunion, we’re diving into the sea of the world’s scarcest gems and stones.

Each one has fewer samples than your grandma’s secret recipes, and they hail from every corner of the globe, making your standard jewelry look like child’s play. Prepare to meet the “rare crystal” that didn’t just break the mold; they were the first stone to cast for a new level of sparkle.

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Setting the Stage for a Rare Crystal: Why These Rarest Gemstones in The World Deserve Your Attention

Rarest Crystals: the Red Diamond and Jadeite
Red Diamond and Jadeite are some of the rarest crystals.

Ever wondered why some gemstones, like tanzanite samples formed in a single country, are more elusive than a fortune hidden in the ocean? It’s not just random chance; it’s a cosmic lottery of geology and chemistry, folks.

These gems, studied by the determined French mineralogist Alfred Lacroix, exist with unique combinations of iron and other parts, causing an irresistible allure under different lights and angles.

So before you pass them off as just another pretty rock, consider that the beauty of these rarest crystal specimens becomes all the more spellbinding upon closer study.

The Rarest Crystal: Geological and Chemical Factors Influencing Crystal Rarity and Beauty

Why are the rarest crystals more coveted than a front-row seat to the Aurora Australis? It’s not just because they’re harder to find than a specific shard in the Rocky Mountains; these gems are a complex blend of geological cocktail magic.

From the orange potassium-laden shards of Mont Saint Hilaire in Quebec, Canada, to the Hydroxyl Sorosilicate wonders in Tanzania’s Musgrave Ranges, the unique mix of elements like zirconium elevates them to rock stardom.

So, while you might find a pretty pebble in California’s Paramount Canyon or a trinket in the Dominican Republic, the true gem aficionado knows that Round Mountain and the Wah Mountains hold geological secrets that are as layered and complex as the alexandrite.

Rare Gemstones: Most Rarest Crystals in the World

Have you ever locked eyes on a gemstone so stunning it makes the Hope Diamond look like a glass marble? Welcome to the 23 10 rarest crystals in the world, the show-stoppers of jewelry, like blue garnet—this chameleon of stones changes shades depending on the light and was only confirmed to exist in recent years.

These extraordinary pieces owe their existence to traces of elements like boron, and their scarcity is often a product of the minute quantities in which they’re found, enhancing their clarity and overall allure.

1: Red Diamond – Location: Australia and Brazil

Red Diamonds
Photo of Red Diamonds

Have you ever heard of a red diamond so exquisite it makes rubies apply for a career change? This transparent and exceedingly rare Gemstone, discovered in Australia, flaunts a Scarlet Red that’s the epitome of perfection—so much so that they average a jaw-dropping price of $10,000 per carat.

Often sequestered in private collections, red diamonds give “scarcity” a run for its money, dominating the market in terms of value and rarely being worn except in the circles of the über-wealthy.

2: Moussaieff Red Crystal – Location: Brazil

Moussaieff Red Crystal
Moussaieff Red Stone

Ever wonder what it’s like to lay eyes on a very rare crystal, where its existence makes you question your body’s own senses? Meet this sample of a very rare gemstone, so prized it’s practically the unicorn of the crystal world—only a handful of these exist.

This Scarlet Red charmer carries a jaw-dropping price per carat and rumored healing properties for the body, making its presence on the market rarer than a hiccup in a meditation class.

3: Blue Garnet Crystal – Found in Madagascar, U.S., and Russia

Navy Garnet
Blue Garnet

Ever wanted to meet a gem that’s got the blues in the best way? Say hello to the Garnet, a unique stone discovered in hydrothermally metamorphosed rocks—yeah, try saying that three times fast.

This extremely rare crystal hailing from Madagascar dazzles with blue light and can supply an average price of thousands per carat due to its jaw-dropping rarity.

4: Jadeite Crystal- Myanmar and Guatemala

Photo of Jadeite

Feeling lucky? Then you might stumble upon Jadeite, the most valuable form with historical significance—especially in Chinese culture, where it’s highly sought after for its healing properties.

Found mainly in Myanmar, this precious crystal only forms under extreme pressure and has a rich magnesium component, hence the name. It’s a luck magnet with a price that scales per carat!

5: Pink Star Diamond – Africa

Pink Star Diamond
Discover Pink Star Diamonds: Low Supply Stone 😨

Ever dreamt of owning a rock that not only dazzles but also has world records to its name? The distinction belongs to the Pink Star Diamond, a rare stone discovered in Africa that’s shattered price records at auctions.

This gem’s got it all—rarity, sold at a sky-high value per carat, and even rumored healing properties! Honestly, it’s the Beyoncé of diamonds.

6: Red Beryl Crystal (also known as Red Emerald) – New Mexico and Beaver County, Utah

Red Beryl
This is called Red Beryl. Good luck finding it.

Ever crossed paths with a stone that’s the talk of the Utah Geological Survey? Ah, yes, Red Beryl belongs to the elite circle of a rare gem.

Also known as Red Emerald, this head-turner has reported discoveries in New Mexico and Utah. Flaunting a dark red hue and featuring both beryllium and ruby, this stone’s price tag could rival your mortgage. Cue the jaw drop!

7: Paraiba Tourmaline Gemstone – Brazil and Dominican Republic

Paraiba Tourmaline
Paraiba Tourmaline

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8: Grandiderite Crystal – Location: Madagascar

Grandidierite emits white glows.

Ah, Grandidierite. From the discovery in Madagascar, it’s so exclusive even Mother Earth keeps it under wraps. Emitting a mysterious white-to-grey hue, this brittle charmer is rich in manganese and considered the rarest crystals. It’s so rare the price per carat could fund a small kingdom.

But hey, can you really put a price on its rumored healing properties?

9: Taaffeite Stones – Sri Lanka and Myanmar

Photo of Taaffeite Crystals
Photo of Taaffeite Stones

This is a mineralogist’s daydream and a jeweler’s delight! Mined in Sri Lanka and Myanmar, this gem was initially mistaken for mauve-colored spinel until Richard Taaffe set the record straight.

Composed of magnesium aluminum borosilicate with trace amounts of other elements, this transparent jewel can fetch an eye-watering price per carat.

10: Kashmir Sapphire – Location: Kashmir and India

Kashmir Healing Crystals
Look at one of the rarest gemstones 👀

Kashmir Sapphire is the crown jewel of the Sapphire family. Mined from the metamorphic rocks of, you guessed it, the country of India.

Its deep blue color is so legendary even the sky gets jealous. Discovered in a large mine, these faceted stones can fetch thousands per carat.

11: Black Opal Crystal – Lightning Ridge Area and New South Wales, Australia

Black Opal
Photo of a Black Opal

The Black opal comes from Australia’s Lightning Ridge Area and New South Wales. With a black background that makes its vibrant colors pop, it’s no surprise this gem’s price rivals a fine dining experience. Most valuable black opals? You’ll find them down under—in Australia, of course.

Discovered in the down under, this rarity transforms under different lighting conditions. Plus, they say it’s got healing properties. Unearthed treasure, indeed!

12: Demantoid Garnet – Ural Mountains in Russia and Italy

Photo of Demantoid Crystal Garnet
Very Rare Garnets👀

Russia’s Ural Mountains and Italy serve this rare find that even an Italian Mineralogist will give two thumbs up. Why? Well, this stone boasts a unique iron-rich mineral composition.

The rarity? It’s priced per carat like a Michelin-star meal! Unearthed and adored worldwide for its supposed healing properties, this gem is on the rise.

13: Alexandrite Crystal – Ural Mountains in Russia and Sri Lanka

Alexandrite does contain aluminium.

From Russia to Sri Lanka’s gem pits, Alexandrite is the chameleon of the gem world. This Czar Alexander II namesake, crafted from Beryllium Aluminum Cyclosilicate, performs its unique color-shifting variation.

Under natural light, it’s blue-green, but toss in some artificial spectrum, and it can change color faster than a teenager’s mood. With chromium as its energy drink and a steep price per carat, this gem’s not for the faint-hearted!

14: Tanzanite Crystal – Location: Mount Kilimanjaro, Merelani Hills, Tanzania Manyara Region

Tanzanite from one region in Tanzania
In only one mine, Tanzanite was first discovered in Tanzania.

Tanzanite’s blue-violet variation makes you question your own shades of cool, right? This national Gemstone, officially recognized by the Smithsonian Museum, is so exclusive it’s only found in one location—so specific there’s no Sinhalese term.

Initially discovered in the 1960s, it’s like the cool hipster of stones—it has been around for only one generation. UV light?

It makes this gem shine brighter than your high school valedictorian. The kicker? Tanzanite could be gone in one generation, driving its price through the roof. Talk about scarcity chic!

15: Morganite Gemstone – Location: California and Madagascar

Famous Specimen 😱

This Gemstone full of energy, a darling in Tiffany Co. jewelry collections, is the epitome of rarity, folks. This peachy-pink surprise was unearthed and discovered a century ago but has an ancient vibe.

Believed to have healing properties, its composition of beryl pumps an energetic aura into the stone. Price per carat? Let’s say it’ll cost you more than a fling with fleeting summer love.

16: Blue Barium Titanium Silicate (Benitoite) – Location: Northern California and San Benito County, California

Blue Barium Titanium Silicate
A Great Wonder from California.

Meet Benitoite, the showstopper of museum and mineral collections. This Californian gem was called into existence near the San Benito River. Its composition features Silicon and a price tag as iridescent blue as the stone itself.

Believed to have fantastic healing properties, the rarity sparkles more at night. Talk about a nocturnal diva!

17: Hydrated Sodium Calcium Silicate (Poudretteite) – Location: Myanmar

Hydrated Sodium Calcium Silicate
Look at the appearance of this Poudretteite crystal.

Poudretteite’s discovery is like finding a needle in Earth’s haystack—a tiny rare mineral named after the Poudrette family, who ran the Quarry where it first winked into existence.

Its Rarity? Think one-in-a-planet. It boasts healing properties and calcium in its composition. Considered in its rarest form, its value could even outshine your grandma’s wisdom. How’s that for mineral wealth?

18: Painite Crystals – Location: Myanmar

Painite Crystals
Interesting Rare and New Mineral😍

Painite Crystals are the rock stars of the mineral world—so rare they’ve strutted into the Guinness Book and made a Guinness world record(Most Scarcest Mineral). Since it’s the rarest mineral on Earth, they’ve got a composition complex enough to dazzle a British Museum curator.

Believed to be a million times rarer than diamonds, these “stones” have an origin and price that make them as scarce as modesty at a narcissistic convention.

19: Emerald Green Gemstone – Location: Colombia and Zambia

Green Emerald
Famous Emerald

These emeralds are a glam sibling in the beryllium aluminum cyclosilicate family. No, that’s not a spell from Harry Potter; it’s the gem’s composition! Known for its trigonal structure and facets that grab light like a diva, emeralds have entranced everyone from Ancient Egypt to the Natural History museums.

With a value often calculated per carat, let’s say this green beryl is more than just eye candy!

20: Jade Green Gemstone – Location: China and Canada

Jade Green
This Jade has amazing energy from Quebec, Canada.

Let’s get jaded—in a good way, of course! This Gemstone, renowned for its healing properties, isn’t just any ol’ rock. Its chemical composition makes collectors swoon, and the market fluctuates like a seesaw.

Unlike the uncertainty of its price, its composition remains steadfast. If you see one in displays, expect something beyond mere eye candy.

21: Amethyst Gemstone – Location: Ural Mountains and Uruguay


Dazzling in dark purple, Amethyst is more than just February’s birthstone—it’s a treasure right from the earth. Not exactly extremely rare, but highly sought after, so we had to mention it. Fueled by manganese, this gem has healing properties that can’t be priced, although the market tries. Catch one, and you’ve got fortune on your surface, and no, that’s not just imagination speaking.

Just remember, with Amethyst, the impossible is a myth!

22: Opals (common variety + colors) – Found in Australia and Ethiopia

Photo of an Opal
This opal is gorgeous.

Here’s the scoop on Opal: they are a Hydrated Amorphous Form of silica that can make a grown gemologist weep. They come in a variety of colors, from the black above, to

Since the Middle Ages, their world popularity has been rock-solid. The ground they’re found in dictates price and location. So, feeling grounded yet?

23: Padparadscha Sapphire – Found in Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and Tanzania

Padparadscha Sapphire
Padparadscha Sapphires

Padparadscha, named after the lotus flower, flirts with hues of orange and gray. A crystal that’s the epitome of rare, earth-born love. Fewer samples and a heavens-high per-carat price. It’s a love affair with true love and your wallet.

Market’s buzzin’, location’s key, and did I mention healing properties? 👀

So, wanna feel rare?

Rare Crystals: Summary

From the depths of the earth to the crowns of kings, other rare crystals like tanzanite, Amethyst, and spinel have dazzled us with their intricate stories and kaleidoscopic charm.

Born in far-flung locales—think Tanzania, Sri Lanka, and the Dominican Republic—each gem’s a geography lesson wrapped in sparkle.

Chromium to sea tones, these stones aren’t just accessories; they’re history lessons you can wear. Forget the classroom; these beautiful and rarest crystals school us in allure and rarity.

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