Seven crystals for your chakra aligned in harmony, showcasing each chakra's unique energy in a mystical natural setting

Discover Chakra Crystals: Learn About Chakras and Gems

A crystal can be the tool for a balanced life, holding the key to unlocking our spirituality and creativity.

In chakra healing, each crystal in a collection resonates with one of the seven energy centers in our body, offering several ways to alleviate pain, boost intellect, and enhance willpower.

Whether it’s a smooth, cool, beautiful stone in your palm during meditation or a string of colorful beads around your wrist, a crystal can remind you that the big picture of life often requires a balanced blend of healing and harmony.

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What is a Chakra and Their Healing Stones?

Colors, spirituality, feel balanced and connected
Manifest the truth.

Chakras, derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘wheel,’ are the energy centers in our bodies; each represents different aspects of our physical, emotional, and spiritual welfare.

The best chakra crystals for each chakra bring balance, acting as spirit guides to navigate the journey of self-discovery and healing. These stones offer a sanctuary of inner peace and new growth for those who feel disconnected, lack self-worth, or are battling anxious times.

Imagine a collection of seven chakras, from the anchoring root to the enlightening crown, each with its unique chest colors, ready to heal, lose those bad habits, set healthy boundaries, center, and help go with an open mind to manifest the best version of your soul.

Benefits of Healing Crystals and Chakra Stones

Vibrant image of chakra wheel, showcasing benefits, inspiration, vision and desire
Remove blockages, fear, and anxious feelings. Manifest amazing qualities.
  • Balancing Chakra: These are believed to help balance the seven main energy centers in the human body, each representing different aspects of our bodily and metaphysical well-being. Specific healing crystals like rose quartz for the heart chakra or lapis lazuli for the throat chakra can align these centers, promoting harmony and balance.
  • Enhancing Emotional Balance: Stones like green aventurine and blue calcite help achieve emotional balance. They resonate with our energies, such as the heart and throat chakras, helping to alleviate negative emotions and foster emotions of compassion and articulation.
  • Boosting Physical Energy: Red agate and tiger’s eye are associated with the root and plexus chakras and are believed to enhance physical energy and vitality. They help ground and instill a sense of strength and courage, vital for activities and overall health.
  • Promoting Spiritual Growth: Crowns and third-eye chakra stones like amethyst and clear quartz are said to facilitate metaphysical development and higher consciousness. These aid in connecting with spiritual energies and enhancing psychic abilities, leading to a deeper understanding of the self and the universe.
  • Improving Mental Clarity and Focus: Yellow jasper and citrine, linked to the solar plexus and sacral chakras, are known for improving mental clarity and focus. They help clear the mind of negative thoughts and boost intellectual capabilities, aiding decision-making and creativity.
  • Encouraging Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem: Stones such as orange calcite and tiger eye resonate with the sacral and solar plexus chakras, fostering self-confidence and self-esteem. They help dispel self-doubt and encourage a positive self-image, enhancing personal power and the capacity to express oneself.
  • Facilitating Physical Healing: Certain stones, such as hematite and smoky quartz, are believed to have healing properties that can help alleviate bodily ailments like high blood pressure or headaches. They are thought to work by releasing negative energy and promoting positive energy flow through the physical body.
  • Enhancing Creativity and Sexual Energy: Stones associated with the sacral chakra, such as carnelian and orange calcite, are believed to boost creativity and sexual energy. They help unblock stagnant energy in this area, fostering a sense of pleasure and creative expression.
  • Improving Communication Skills: Throat chakra stones like turquoise and blue apatite enhance communication skills. They assist in unblocking the communication center, facilitating better self-expression, and the ability to speak one’s truth with clarity and confidence.
  • Aiding in Meditation and Spiritual Practices: Amethyst and clear quartz are often used in contemplation and other spiritual practices. They help achieve a higher state of consciousness, enhancing the ability to connect with one’s inner wisdom and the spiritual realm, thereby deepening the meditation experience.

Learn About The 7 Chakras and Their Gemstones

Root Chakra (Muladhara)

Root Chakra

Crystal Color / Located / Elemental Association / Gems:

  • Red, Black
  • Root Chakra Sits at the base of the spine, Perineum
  • Earth
  • Red Jasper, Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Garnet

Body and Emotional Qualities: The Root Chakra, the base or first chakra, is fundamentally associated with basic needs, survival, and safety. It influences vitality, grounding to the earth, and emotions related to security and stability.

When To Know Its Blocked: Feelings of insecurity or anxiety, Physical issues like lower back pain or bladder problems

Healing Practices:

  • Yoga Poses: Mountain and warrior poses help ground and stabilize the root chakra energy.
  • Techniques: Visualization meditation focuses on the lower back, imagining a red light or energy.
  • Aromatherapy: Earthy scents like sandalwood or cedarwood can help with grounding and centering.

Affirmations or Mantras:

“I am safe and secure.”

“I am grounded and stable.”

“I trust in the abundance of life.”

Sacral Chakra (Svadhisthana)

Sacral Chakra

Crystal Color / Located / Elemental Association / Gems:

  • Orange, Peach
  • Lower abdomen, about two inches below the navel, sexual and reproductive organs
  • Water
  • Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Tiger’s Eye, Citrine, Sunstone

Body and Emotional Qualities: The Sacral Chakra, recognized as the second chakra, is central to our feelings of sexuality, pleasure, and creativity. It influences emotional responses and is tied to our manifestation of sensuality and connection with others.

When To Know Its Blocked: Emotional instability or lack of creative potential, Sexual dysfunction or reproductive issues

Healing Practices:

  • Yoga Poses: Hip-opening poses like Butterfly Pose and Pigeon Pose help activate the sacral.
  • Techniques: Visualization meditation focusing on the lower abdomen, imagining an orange light or energy sphere.
  • Aromatherapy: Scents like ylang-ylang or sandalwood can be soothing and balanced for the sacral chakra.

Affirmations or Mantras:

“I embrace my sexuality and am comfortable with my body.”

“I am creative in all areas of my life.”

“I allow myself to experience pleasure.”

Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura)

Solar Plexus Chakra
Solar Plexus

Crystal Color / Located / Elemental Association / Gems:

  • Yellow, Gold
  • Upper abdomen – just above the navel, Diaphragm area
  • Fire
  • Citrine, Yellow Jasper, Tiger’s Eye, Pyrite, Amber

Body and Emotional Qualities: The Solar Plexus Chakra, identified as the third chakra, is pivotal in personal power, self-confidence, and ability to execute decisions. It’s integral to our sense of control, freedom, and autonomy, affecting our mental clarity and inner strength.

When To Know Its Blocked: Issues with self-esteem or decision-making, Digestive system problems, Sense of powerlessness or anxiety

Healing Practices:

  • Yoga Poses: Poses like the Boat Pose or Warrior I can strengthen the solar plexus, fostering a sense of empowerment and stability.
  • Techniques: Focusing on the upper abdomen during meditation, envisioning a bright yellow light to enhance energy flow and personal power.
  • Aromatherapy: Citrus scents like lemon or ginger essential oils can invigorate the solar plexus chakra and boost confidence and energy.

Affirmations or Mantras:

“I am powerful and capable of achieving my goals.”

“I trust my intuition and make decisions with confidence.”

I am worthy and deserving of respect and love.

Heart Chakra (Anahata)

Heart Chakra

Crystal Color / Located / Elemental Association / Gems:

  • Green, Pink
  • Center of the chest – just above the heart, Collarbone area
  • Air
  • Rose Quartz, Green Aventurine, Malachite, Jade, Rhodonite

Body and Emotional Qualities: The Heart Chakra, recognized as the fourth chakra, is the center of love, compassion, and empathy. It governs our ability to give and receive love, and it’s crucial for emotional healing and maintaining healthy relationships.

When To Know Its Blocked: Difficulty in forming or maintaining relationships, Feelings of jealousy or being emotionally closed off, Heart-related health issues, such as heart disease

Healing Practices:

  • Yoga Poses: Chest-opening poses like Camel Pose or Cobra Pose can help open and balance the heart chakra.
  • Techniques: Focus on the heart area during meditation, envisioning a vibrant green or pink light to enhance love and compassion.
  • Aromatherapy: Scents like rose or jasmine are thought to open the heart chakra, fostering feelings of love and peace.

Affirmations or Mantras:

“I am open to giving and receiving love.”

“I forgive myself and others with ease.”

“My heart is filled with joy and compassion.”

Throat Chakra (Vishuddha)

Throat Chakra

Crystal Color / Located / Elemental Association / Gems:

  • Blue, Turquoise
  • Center of the neck – at the level of the throat
  • Ether (Space)
  • Lapis Lazuli, Aquamarine, Turquoise, Sodalite, Blue Lace Agate

Body and Emotional Qualities: The Throat Chakra, the fifth chakra, is essential for communication, self-expression, and truthfulness. It governs our ability to articulate our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions and is vital in maintaining authentic expression and listening skills.

When To Know Its Blocked: Difficulty in expressing thoughts or feelings, Sore throat or thyroid issues, Feeling misunderstood or not listened to

Healing Practices:

  • Yoga Poses: Shoulder stand or Fish Pose can help open and align the throat.
  • Meditation Techniques: Focusing on the throat area during meditation, visualizing a bright blue light to enhance communication and self-expression.
  • Aromatherapy: Essential oils like peppermint or eucalyptus can benefit the throat chakra, promoting clear communication.

Affirmations or Mantras:

“I speak my truth with clarity and confidence.”

“I listen with an open heart and express myself freely.”

“My voice is strong and clear.”

Open Third Eye Chakra (Ajna)

Third Eye Chakra
Third Eye

Crystal Color / Located / Elemental Association / Gems:

  • Indigo, Dark Blue
  • Center of the forehead – just above the eyebrows
  • Light
  • Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, Azurite, Fluorite, Sodalite

Body and Emotional Qualities: The Third Eye Chakra, the sixth chakra, is the center of intuition, foresight, and spiritual insight. It plays a crucial role in our capability to perceive the bigger picture, make decisions, and connect with our inner wisdom and imagination.

When To Know Its Blocked: Difficulty in concentrating or making decisions, Feeling disconnected from one’s intuition or spiritual path, Headaches or vision problems

Healing Practices:

  • Yoga Poses: Child’s Pose and Seated Forward Bend can help stimulate the third eye.
  • Meditation Techniques: Visualization meditation focusing on the area between the eyebrows, imagining an indigo light.
  • Aromatherapy: Scents like frankincense or lavender can aid in opening and balancing the third eye chakra.

Affirmations or Mantras:

“I trust my intuition and inner guidance.”

“I see and think clearly.”

“I am open to the wisdom within.”

Crown Chakra (Sahasrara)

Crown Chakra
Crown Chakra

Crystal Color / Located / Elemental Association / Gems:

  • Violet, White
  • Top of the head, center of the skull
  • Thought or Cosmic Energy
  • Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Selenite, White Calcite, Moonstone

Body and Emotional Qualities: The Crown Chakra, the highest or seventh chakra, is the center of metaphysical connection, enlightenment, and universal higher consciousness. It governs our unity, higher understanding, and attachment to a greater purpose or the divine.

When To Know Its Blocked: Feeling disconnected from spiritual self or the universe, Lack of direction or purpose, Psychological issues or chronic headaches

Healing Practices:

  • Yoga Poses: Headstand and Lotus Pose can help stimulate and balance the crown chakra.
  • Meditation Techniques: Mindfulness or guided meditation focusing on the top of the head, envisioning a violet or white light.
  • Aromatherapy: Using essential oils like lavender or frankincense can aid in opening the crown chakra, promoting a sense of metaphysical attachment.

Affirmations or Mantras:

“I am connected to the universal source of knowledge and wisdom.”

“I am open to divine guidance and light.”

“I am at one with the world around me.”

How to Care and Incorporate These Crystals

Soak your crystals with a Running water cleanse. Cleanse your crystals in many different methods
You can use the moon, sound, sun, or salt to cleanse.

Regular Cleansing and Charging: Regularly cleanse stones to remove negative energies and recharge them to maintain their healing vibrations. This can be done through methods like soaking in salt water, placing under moonlight, using sound, herbs, smoke, or running water, especially for stones like amethyst and clear quartz, which are sensitive to accumulating energies.

Wear as Crystal Jewelry: Incorporate chakra gemstones into your daily life by wearing them as jewelry. This keeps the stones’ energetic quality close to our bodies, enhancing their impact on your energy. For example, wearing a lapis lazuli necklace can help with an unbalanced throat chakra, while a tiger’s eye bracelet can boost confidence associated with the solar plexus chakra.

Meditation and Yoga Practices: Use stones during meditation and yoga to deepen your practice. Placing rose quartz or green jade on relevant chakra centers, like the heart or solar plexus, can help align and balance your energy center, enhancing spiritual and emotional well-being.

Creating a Sacred Space: Arrange in your living or meditation space to create a sacred, healing environment. A crystal like black tourmaline can be placed in corners for protection and grounding. At the same time, crown chakra stones like amethyst can be positioned in meditation areas to aid in spiritual connection.

Intention Setting and Visualization: Use stones like clear quartz, the ‘master healer,’ to set intentions and visualize desired outcomes. Holding the stone while focusing on your goals can amplify the manifestation process, as a crystal is believed to hold vibrational energy aligned with your intentions.

Incorporating a Crystal in Healing Practices: Stones can be utilized in holistic healing practices like reiki or crystal therapy. During sessions, placing stones like Citrine on the solar plexus chakra or turquoise on the throat can help unblock and activate your energy center, facilitating emotional and physical healing.


Person Meditating. Lose that unbalanced feeling.
Heal, and feel connected with your spirituality.

These crystals are like a mystical wire connecting our physical form to the universe and play a pivotal role in aligning our crown to the soul of astral travel and deeper consciousness.

They are not just stones but powerful tools for controlling your feelings, sparking creativity, and inspiring happiness, especially for those battling fears, depression, or a lack of motivation.

Whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or just starting, these offer unique ways to enhance ambition, connect with truth, and rediscover the joy in life’s journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the seven crystals for your chakra?

The seven crystals for your chakra correspond to the major energy centers in our bodies: root stones like Red Jasper, sacral stones like Carnelian, solar plexus stones such as Yellow Jasper, heart stones like Green Jade, throat stones like Lapis Lazuli, third eye stones such as Amethyst, and crown crystals like Clear Quartz. Each crystal resonates with the vibrational energy of its respective chakra, aiding in balancing and aligning these energy centers.

What does wearing crystals on your body do?

Wearing crystals as jewelry or carrying them helps maintain the balance and alignment of chakras throughout the day. The stones act as conduits for healing powers, mitigating negative energy and enhancing positive energy flow, thus contributing to overall well-being and supporting specific chakra-related attributes such as confidence, love, or communication.

How do I balance my life energy centers for beginners?

For beginners, balancing your energy centers can start with practices like meditation focusing on each chakra’s location and color, starting from the root chakra at the base of the spine to the crown at the top of the head. Incorporating chakra-specific yoga poses and using stones can further facilitate the harmonizing process, creating an energetic flow that enhances physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.

What does the 7 chakra tree mean?

The 7 chakra tree symbolizes the interconnectedness and unity of the chakra system, representing the journey from the material world anchored in the root to the highest spiritual consciousness of the crown. Each branch or part of the tree is associated with specific chakras, embodying development, balance, and enlightenment from a well-aligned and activated chakra system.

How do you unlock all 7 chakras?

To unlock all 7 chakras, engage in practices like meditation and yoga that focus on each chakra, from the root chakra at the base of the spine to the crown chakra at the top of the head, using corresponding stones and the mantra to facilitate flow and balance.

Which chakra should you clear first?

The root chakra should be cleared first as it forms the foundation for the others, essential for stability and anchoring. It can be balanced using stones like hematite and practices like grounding meditation.

In what ways can I activate my third eye?

To activate the third eye, focus on meditation and visualization practices targeting the forehead area. You can also use third eye stones to enhance intuition and spiritual awareness.

What is the ultimate life gem?

The ultimate healing gem is often considered clear quartz due to its versatile, energetic properties and capacity to amplify intentions and align all chakras, making it a powerful tool in crystal healing and spiritual energy.

Which gemstone is most powerful?

Clear quartz is often considered the most powerful gemstone due to its versatile, high-energy properties, capacity to amplify spiritual energy and intentions, and alignment with multiple chakras, enhancing overall spiritual and physical wellbeing.

What gemstone is best for healing and protection?

Black tourmaline and selenite are among the best gemstones for healing and protection, offering to anchor and shield against negative energy while promoting emotional and spiritual healing.

What does chakra cleansing feel like?

Chakra cleansing typically feels like a release of blocked power, leading to a sense of balance, emotional clarity, and heightened spiritual awareness, often accompanied by physical sensations of warmth or tingling in your cleansed energy center.

What is a Chakra Crystal Gemstone?

These are gemstones used in aligning, healing, and balancing the chakras. It resonates with the energy frequency of one or more chakras to enhance spiritual, emotional, and physical harmony.

What are solar plexus stones?

Solar plexus stones, such as Citrine and Pyrite, are gemstones used to enhance self-worth and help you feel confident by resonating with the solar plexus chakra located in the upper abdomen.

What is the solar plexus responsible for?

The solar plexus is responsible for inner strength, self-assurance, and manifesting intentions, playing a key role in decision-making and pursuing personal goals.

How do I choose a chakra stone?

To choose a chakra stone, assess your current physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, then select a stone that resonates with the corresponding chakra or energy center needing balance or enhancement, such as Sodalite for the third eye for intuition or Rose Quartz for the heart chakra for love.

Where do you put crystals for healing?

For healing, crystals should be placed on or near the body’s energy centers or chakras that align with the crystal’s properties or where their energy can influence the environment, like near a bed for better sleep or on a desk for enhanced focus.

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