Serene display of crystals that help with meditation like and clear quartz, promoting focus, peace, and mindfulness

20 Best Meditation Crystals: Boost Your Positive Energy

Explore the world of meditation crystals, where each gem is key to enhancing your meditative practice and energizing your life.

As you read about the best crystals for meditation, you’ll uncover how these stones can amplify your focus, deepen your relaxation, and elevate your spirit, energetically aligning your chakras to achieve balance and positivity.

By integrating specific crystals into your daily routine, you invite love and positivity into your personal space and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing that transforms meditation from a mere activity into a profound, life-enriching experience.

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What are Crystals for Meditation?

A box of different colored chakra crystals for meditation and gemstones
Discover how they can assist you.

Meditation crystals are more than just pretty rocks; they’re tools infused with ancient wisdom that can help to create a space of harmony and focus during crystal meditation. These crystals work by absorbing and transforming negative energy, which allows you to relax and meditate more deeply. By holding a gemstone or placing it near your space, you harness its power to align and stabilize your chakras, enhancing physical and spiritual welfare.

Choosing the right crystal for meditation can significantly affect your ability to calm your psyche and connect with your soul, offering a more straightforward path to self-care and inner peace. When you meditate with these crystals, they not only help to mitigate feelings of anxiety and anger but also promote a sense of joy and calmness, making your sessions more effective.

Each healing crystal is a beacon for attracting specific energies and intentions, allowing you to tailor your meditation experience to meet your spiritual needs. Integrating gemstones into your routine will open up opportunities to gain deeper insight and knowledge, enriching your life and meditative journey with each session.


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Enhances Focus and Transparency

  • Quartz, Selenite, and Amethyst help sharpen focus and clear mind clutter, allowing for a more centered meditation practice. These stones emit vibrations that resonate with the brain, aligning the meditator with their intentions and enhancing meditative lucidity.

Promotes Emotional Healing and Overall Well-Being

  • Many crystals, such as Quartz and Labradorite, are known for their soothing energies that enhance emotional balance and wellness. They aid in dissolving barriers in your mindset and promoting peace, significantly contributing to mental health and resilience of feelings during meditation.

Aids in Spiritual Growth and Connection

  • Lapis Lazuli, Quartz, and Selenite facilitate spiritual awareness and higher states of awareness. Connecting with these other crystals allows individuals to access deeper spiritual insights and enhance their spiritual journey.

Quick Overview

Assortment of gemstones on a decorative plate
Quick Overview

Selenite: This meditation crystal promotes clarity and calm, making it ideal for sessions concentrating on clearing the mind and enhancing spiritual and personal connection. Its soothing presence and gentle touch help align inner passion, fostering a more profound connection among people engaged in group meditations.

Clear Quartz: This crystal is a master healer that amplifies energy and thought, perfect for setting intentions and manifesting goals, helping you carry your desires into reality, feel their presence intensely, and tune into their potent

Rose Quartz: This crystal fosters compassion, inner peace, and tenderness, supporting psychological healing and love-focused meditation practices.

Black Tourmaline: These stones are known for their grounding qualities and protection against negative energies; they are invaluable for focused, disturbance-free meditation.

Amethyst: This chakra crystal enhances intuition and spiritual awareness, aiding in meditation that seeks more profound understanding and inner peace.

Obsidian: Promotes the release of emotions and grounding, helping to cleanse negativity and psychic smog during meditation, which will matter as you begin your search for inner peace.

Moonstone: Encourages a balance of emotions and inner growth; its gentle energy-enhancing meditation centers on mental health, offering evidence of its ability to foster creativity and improve the yoga practice look.

Labradorite: The healing crystal stimulates the imagination and calms an overactive mind, making it excellent for meditation that explores alternate levels of consciousness.

Citrine: Attracts wealth, prosperity, and success, energizing your meditative state focused on manifesting abundance and providing a way to begin a program of personal growth and success.

Lapis Lazuli: This crystal enhances wisdom, truth, and higher self-awareness, rendering it ideal for a meditation practice that seeks deeper personal insight.

Tiger’s Eye: Boosts confidence and resolve, supporting goal-oriented meditation and decision-making clarity in one’s life, all under the watchful eyes of this intense gem in your meditation room.

Turquoise: This promotes healing and stability. It enhances your meditation practice with soothing vibrations that align with the chakra, bringing quality and tranquility to your surroundings, which matter considerably.

Jade: This green stone helps attract luck and promotes harmony, perfecting its ability to foster serenity and prosperity. It provides the inspiration and motivation.

Carnelian: This healing stone inspires courage and motivation. It energizes your meditation practice and focuses on challenges and personal issues, offering knowledge to navigate your world.

Malachite: This crystal amplifies transformational energies and is ideal for a meditative practice focusing on change and psychological healing.

Howlite: These minerals reduce stress and anger, achieving a calm and articulate state of mind and making them significant for those seeking peace.

Angelite: Fosters angelic communication and serenity, enhancing meditative practices focused on spiritual acumen and tranquility, paving the way for courage with proven efficacy.

Apophyllite: A chosen crystal that amplifies intuition, making it perfect for meditation sessions to enhance spiritual understanding and deepen the process of finding personal meaning.

Herkimer Diamond: Promotes purity and clears electromagnetic pollution, ideal for precise meditative focus and clarity. It serves the purpose called for in a case where deep concentration is essential and will bring heightened awareness to your practice.

Aquamarine: This crystal calms the brain and soothes the feelings, guiding you to a clean state of mind, which will shape direct communication and reduce stress. Its tranquil influence will leave you wondering for more.

Red Jasper: Grounds energy and enhances stamina. It’s perfect for meditating, focusing on strength and stability, and revitalizing the body’s physical power.

Most Popular Meditation Stones

Selenite Crystals: Clarity of Mind & Spiritual Insight

Selenite wrapped necklace

Selenite is a beneficial crystal celebrated for its profound impact while meditating, particularly revered for fostering clarity of mind and deepening spiritual insights. Holding Selenite in your hand during meditation activates the crown chakra, enhancing intuition and paving the way for a higher state of consciousness.

Selenite’s gentle yet powerful healing energy helps dissolve worry and the ego’s grip, creating a quiet room in your mind where harmony and health thrive. This will support the journey to a calmer, more centered life.

Clear Quartz: Amplification of Energies & Emotional Balance

Clear Quartz bracelets on hand
Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is known as the “master healer,” and its use can profoundly amplify your meditative efforts. While you meditate with Clear Quartz, it works to clear your mindset and strengthen your intuition, making it easier to access more profound thoughts and feelings that influence your inner world and your surroundings.

This crystal assists in opening the crown chakra, enhancing spiritual connection and insight, and is a powerful tool in crystal therapy, promoting healing and stability throughout your body and living space.

Rose Quartz Crystals: Love & Emotional Recovery

3 Rose Quartz heart necklaces
Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is often hailed as the stone of universal love, and its gentle pink essence is a staple in meditation to heal psychological wounds. Holding Rose Quartz in your hand or placing it near your heart chakra during meditation opens the heart to all types of love—family, platonic, romantic, and self-love—making it an essential tool for anyone seeking to deepen their connections.

Engaging with this crystal helps to remove anger, jealousy, and resentment of others. It encourages compassion and forgiveness, which can profoundly transform your interactions and surroundings.

Black Tourmaline: Protection & Grounding

3 Black tourmaline necklaces
Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline is a dark powerhouse stone revered in meditation for its profound ability to offer protection and ground you. Connecting to the root chakra lays a foundation of security that lets you meditate with a sense of stability and safety, shielding you from negative vibes and influences.

As you incorporate Black Tourmaline into your meditation routine, it protects and enhances your overall health. It infuses your space with vibes that promote a comfortable, deep, restorative sleep, making each session a step toward greater happiness that will guide you.

Amethyst Crystals: Calming & Insights

Amethyst jewelry box

Many reach for Amethyst during meditation due to its calming effects and ability to enhance intuitive insights. Holding this crystal in your hand and aligning it with your third eye chakra facilitates a deeper connection to your inner guidance, tuning you into the universe’s subtle energies and reducing feelings of anxiety.

Amethyst’s light across your meditative journey can shift your being towards a calmer, more insightful state, which guides you to journal your experiences with a more evident mindset and an enlightened perspective.

Obsidian: Emotional Protection & Cleansing

3 Black Obsidian necklaces

Obsidian is a stone used in meditation to provide emotional protection and deep cleansing of negative vibes. Anchoring to the root chakra, Obsidian stabilizes the aura, effectively shielding against anger and negativity while promoting a smooth flow of positive energies.

Holding this stone in your hand or placing it on your forehead enhances your intention to achieve understanding, confidence, and guidance toward better health and happiness in a sometimes tumultuous world.

Moonstone: Inner Growth & Strength

Moonstone Gem

Moonstone, a radiant gem that captures the essence of moonlight within its surface, is a guiding light in meditation, particularly fostering inner growth and strength. When held in your hand or placed over your sacral chakra during meditation, Moonstone can enhance your stability and confidence, which paves the way to more profound intuition and a clearer understanding of your needs and emotions.

This stone helps form a deeper connection with the heart. It guides you to trust your abilities, ensuring you navigate your thoughts and the universe with greater clarity and purpose.

Labradorite: Transformation & Enhancing Psychic Abilities

4 Labradorite Heart Cut Gems

Labradorite is a mesmerizing stone celebrated for transforming energy and enhancing psychic abilities during meditation. Holding this stone and setting your intention will open the third eye chakra, facilitating a deeper connection to your inner wisdom and truth and allowing you to release any worry that clouds your mindset.

This stone shifts your mood and is crucial in enriching your meditation experiences. It guides you towards rest, where you can feel the profound effects of spiritual enlightenment and transformation.

Citrine: Prosperity & Positive Energies

Citrine Product Necklace, white background

Citrine, often called the “success stone,” radiates positive energy and is widely cherished for its ability to attract prosperity and happiness. During meditation, placing at the solar plexus chakra enhances personal power and the lucidity of one’s intention, illuminating a path to achieving aspirations and dreams.

This vibrant stone uplifts the mood and infuses the meditative realm with light and inspiration, encouraging a healing transformation in our psychological and physical spaces.

Lapis Lazuli: Awareness & Truth

A set of blue lapis lazuli beaded bracelets with small brass charm
Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli, a striking blue crystal, is cherished in meditation for its powers to enhance awareness and reveal inner truth. When placed over the throat chakra during meditation sessions, this stone empowers you to confidently express your thoughts and feelings, promoting a profound connection to wisdom.

This crystal reduces anxiety and strengthens the intention to pursue truth and justice, providing evidence that Lapis Lazuli can transform one’s perspective and bring joy by aligning earthly experiences with spiritual truths.

Different Types of Meditation Practices

Person outside meditating on a stone in water, near mountain
Different Types

Mindfulness Meditation: This practice involves staying present and fully engaged with whatever activity one is doing, using meditation crystals like Amethyst to enhance focus and promote a calm state of mind. This type trains the mind to remain aware of the present moment without judgment, allowing practitioners to manage thoughts and feelings better. A crystal can provide a grounding touch that deepens this awareness.

Transcendental Meditation: Individuals silently repeat a specific mantra to settle the brain and achieve a meditative state of profound serenity and relaxation, often enhanced by the calming presence of Selenite. This form of meditation aims to transcend ordinary thinking processes and reach a heightened consciousness. It is facilitated by the serene vibrations from gems, which help quiet the brain and reduce stress.

Guided Visualization: Participants are led through cognitive images, often involving scenes in nature or healing spaces. A crystal-like Quartz is used to amplify intentions and cognitive imagery. Guided visualization helps connect with the subconscious to foster calm and creativity, and gemstones act as tools to enhance the vividness and emotional impact of the guided imagery, promoting deeper insight and relaxation.

How to Choose Your Stone

Collection of various crystals and gemstones arranged on white marble
How to Choose Your Stone

Intuitive Selection: Choose a crystal based on what you are naturally drawn to, which often indicates a subconscious resonance with the crystal’s energies. Trusting your intuition can lead to a crystal that aligns with your current emotional or spiritual needs, making it a powerful tool for meditative practices.

Consider Your Intentions: Select a crystal that corresponds to the specific intentions or areas of your life you wish to focus on while meditating. Crystals like Rose Quartz for love or Citrine for abundance can enhance particular aspects of your life, effectively supporting your goals with their targeted energies.

Consultation and Research: Learn about the properties and benefits of various crystals and consult a knowledgeable source to find the one that best suits your needs. Understanding the unique attributes of each crystal, such as Amethyst’s ability to enhance spiritual awareness or Black Tourmaline’s protective qualities, helps ensure that you select a crystal that will most effectively support you while you meditate.

How do you use Gemstones while you Meditate?

Marble style dreamcast grid with gemstones
How do you use gemstones while mediating?

Holding or Placing Crystals on the Body

  • Position crystals like Quartz directly on your body or your hands during meditation to enhance vibrational flow and align with specific chakras. This method intensifies the crystal healing properties and synchronizes its vibrations with your body’s chakras, deepening your meditative practice and state.

Creating a Crystal Grid

  • Arrange multiple crystals in a geometric pattern around your space while you meditate to amplify the overall power and intention. This setup creates a powerful sacred space, enhancing focus and spiritual alignment while meditating.

What are some techniques during Meditations?

Animated image of female mediating with gems

Focused Attention Meditation

  • Concentrate on a single focal point, such as deep breaths, a specific mantra, or a crystal like Quartz, to enhance concentration and awareness. This technique trains the psyche to remain present and reduce wandering thoughts, promoting a more profound meditation.

Mindfulness Meditation

  • Maintain an open and receptive awareness of all sensations and thoughts, using crystals like Amethyst to support mindfulness and deepen the connection to the present moment. By observing without attachment, practitioners can achieve a state of awareness, enhancing their capacity for emotional resilience and mental clarity.

Movement Meditation

  • Incorporate gentle movements, such as walking or yoga, using grounding chakra stones like Black Tourmaline to anchor the meditation practice and promote energy flow. This form of meditation is ideal for those who find peace in action and helps integrate mindfulness into physical activity, fostering a harmonious balance between body and mind.

Using Crystals for Specific Thoughts, Intentions, or Goals

Moon and lavender amethyst crystals on white background
Specific Goals

When you meditate with crystals, you harness their unique energies to focus your intentions, transforming your mental and emotional landscape. You create a powerful, symbolic connection reinforcing your intentions during each meditation session by choosing a crystal that resonates with your specific goals, such as citrine for attracting abundance or amethyst for enhancing spiritual awareness.

As you hold or place these crystals in your hand or quiet space, their steady vibrations help to remove negative energy, promote a sense of well-being, and anchor your mind and body; it makes each meditation more effective and aligned with your dreams and desires.

Understanding the Energetic Properties of Crystals

Flat lay of various healing crystals and dried lavender, arranged white background
Energetic Properties

Crystals are not just beautiful gemstones to display; they are powerful tools that many believe can help harmonize the powers around and within us when we meditate. Each type of crystal is thought to hold different energies that can align with our own to support healing, relieve stress, and promote peacefulness and relaxation.

By integrating crystals while you meditate, you can tap into ancient earth energies revered in practices like Buddhism for centuries, enhancing your connection to the earth and helping to calm your soul and sharpen your focus.

How to Integrate

A close up of the ear and earrings, rose gold earring with blue lapis lazuli beads in an elegant design
How to Integrate

Place Crystals in Meditation Spaces

  • Position-specific crystals like Amethyst around your area to create a calming environment and enhance the energy flow. This practice helps establish a sanctuary that supports relaxation and spiritual attunement. Your meditation space becomes a conduit for crystal energy, fostering serenity and clarity.

Wear Crystal Jewelry During Meditation

  • Incorporate crystals such as Lapis Lazuli, Selenite, or Rose Quartz into jewelry you can wear while meditating to maintain a constant energetic influence. Wearing crystal jewelry helps to keep the stones’ vibrations close to your body, amplifying their crystal healing properties and maintaining a steady influence on your spirit while meditating.

Care and Cleansing

White sage wrapped in white paper and tied with red string, sitting on an antique plate surrounded by amethyst
Care and Cleansing

Cleansing with Incense and Sage

  • Burn incense or sage around your crystals to cleanse them of negative energies and restore their natural vibes. This method clears unwanted energies and charges the crystals with positive intent, reinforcing their effectiveness in aligning and balancing the chakras while meditating.

Recharge with Moonlight

  • Place your crystals under the full moon’s light to charge their power and enhance their healing properties. Moonlight is believed to infuse crystals with purifying power, making them more potent in supporting meditation and spiritual practices. This can ultimately boost overall well-being and clarity of intention.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are crystal healing powers?

Crystal healing powers are believed to be the ability of crystals to promote love and well-being through their energetic influence on the body and mind.

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