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15 Best Fertility Crystals: Gems To Help With Conception

Fertility crystals are like little sparks of nature’s magic, offering hope and support to men and women on their voyage to parenthood.

These crystals, each unique in their properties, are believed to enhance pregnancy chances by harmonizing sexual energy and aligning the chakras related to fertility.

From the soothing whispers of angel crystals to the warm embrace of love-infused stones, these gems are more than just shiny objects; they’re symbols of life’s true potential and the promise of new beginnings.

Crystals for Fertility: Short Summary

These crystals are like sparkling partners on your voyage to becoming a mother. Each has electromagnetic properties that are said to resonate with your body’s chakras, particularly those linked to reproductivity.

You can weave these gemstones into your daily life, wearing crystals as jewelry or placing them under your pillow as they quietly work their magic. They align your spine’s energies and bring luck to your dream of becoming pregnant.

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What are Fertility Crystals?

Aesthetic pleasing Image of gems
If you are having trouble conceiving, learn about these crystals.

Fertility crystals are not just ordinary stones; they’re like secret agents in crystal healing, especially concerning fertility and pregnancy. Imagine these crystals as tiny, sparkly coaches, cheering on both women and men who face challenges with reproductivity.

They’re known to work their magic by stabilizing the lower chakras, which are thought to be closely linked to reproductive organs.

Crystals can’t guarantee a baby, but they’re like a supportive friend, offering a sense of calm and stability in an emotionally charged voyage.

For those who find solace in Chinese medicine and alternative therapies, these best crystals are a natural extension to help with infertility, blending ancient wisdom with the hope for new beginnings.

Benefits of These Fertility Boosters

A pregnant women, showcasing benefits, wearing amethyst necklace
Benefits of these Gems.

Balancing Hormonal Levels:

  • Some fertility crystals, like Moonstone, are thought to help balance hormones, which are crucial for conceiving. By aligning with the body’s natural cycles, these stones regulate menstrual cycles and support hormonal health, essential for people trying to conceive successfully.

Boost Sexual Energy:

  • Crystals such as Red Jasper and Garnet are known to balance sexual energy and vitality. These best fertility crystals work by stimulating the sacral chakra, which is known to enhance sexual drive and positive energy and can significantly increase the chances of conception.

Promoting Emotional Wellbeing:

  • Healing Crystals like Ruby Zoisite are renowned for their calming and compassionate energy. They aid in healing energy and are thought to help reduce strain and anxiety, creating a more positive psychological environment conducive to reproductivity and a successful pregnancy voyage.

Supporting Reproductive Health:

  • Crystals like Unakite and Aventurine are thought to benefit the reproductive organs specifically. Promoting healing energy and removing energy blockages are known to enhance the health of the reproductive system, addressing issues related to infertility.

Aligning Energy Centers (Chakras):

  • Stones and crystals for fertility, such as Shiva Lingam and Clear Quartz, are known to align and activate the chakras, particularly the root and sacral, which are associated with conception. Proper alignment of these energy centers is thought to enhance fertility and the overall energy flow in the body.

Encouraging Mental Clarity and Focus:

  • Fluorite and Smoky Quartz are known for clearing negative energy and promoting mental clarity. This insight and focus are essential for couples on their baby-making voyage, helping them stay positive and centered, especially during challenging times.

Boosting Overall Physical Health:

  • Gemstones like Amethyst are believed to improve overall physical health and well-being. By promoting inner peace and relieving stress, this stone can create a healthier body environment conducive to conceiving and maintaining a robust pregnancy.

Aiding in Psychological Connection and Intention Setting:

  • Fertility crystals are often used in meditating practices and rituals to set intentions for fertility and pregnancy. Stone like moonstone and rose quartz are believed to connect with the divine feminine energy, aiding in spiritual well-being and helping individuals and couples manifest their desire for a child.

Quick Overview

Gems Overview for Reproductivity
Quick Overview.

Rose Quartz: Revered as a profound, powerful crystal, Rose Quartz exudes compassionate energy, nurtures the heart chakra, and promotes emotional balance, essential for a harmonious pregnancy. This beautiful stone is believed to improve fertility by fostering self-love and healing, creating an environment of love and well-being conducive to conception.

Moonstone: Celebrated for its connection to the moon and feminine energy, moonstone is a potent fertility gemstone. It resonates with women’s reproductive organs and hormone imbalances. Its calming energy balances emotions, aligning with the menstrual cycle to aid in conceiving a healthy pregnancy.

Carnelian Stone: The carnelian stone is known for its vibrant sexual and creative energy and is known to stimulate the reproductive system, enhancing fertility and vitality. This highly energetic stone also boosts confidence and emotional health, aligning the sacral to promote a cheerful fertility voyage.

Green Aventurine: The Aventurine stone symbolizes prosperity and general well-being and supports reproductivity by reinforcing reproductive health and emotional stability. Its chakra energy related to growth and renewal is thought to help overcome infertility issues, encouraging a sense of calm and stability.

Rhodonite: These are highly valued for their emotional healing properties, particularly in fertility and pregnancy. Rhodonite aids in balancing emotions and relieving stress, and it is believed to enhance fertility by creating a nurturing, emotionally stable environment for conceiving.

Shiva Lingam: These symbolize fertility and potent energy and are revered for their ability to stabilize and activate the energy centers related to reproductivity. This incredible stone is thought to harmonize the male and female energies, promoting spiritual well-being essential for reproductivity.

Unakite: Unakite, known as a doula stone, with its harmonious blend of colors, is known to promote a healthy pregnancy and reproductive system. Its healing energy is said to support mental and spiritual well-being and stability, aiding in overcoming fertility issues and encouraging a positive and nurturing fertility voyage.

Amethyst: This is known for its relaxing and intuitive healing properties. It is believed to help relieve stress and hormonal imbalances, which are crucial for fertility. This gem’s energy is also thought to promote mental balance and inner peace, creating a serene environment for conceiving.

Aquamarine: Aquamarine, a soothing stone, is thought to harmonize hormones and reduce stress, essential for a healthy reproductive system. Its calming properties support emotional stability and insight, aiding fertility.

Fluorite: Fluorite, with its multicolored energy, is known to balance hormonal imbalances and boost fertility. Clearing negative energy and fostering concentration can help overcome fertility-related challenges and achieve a harmonious pregnancy.

Garnet: This stone is known for its revitalizing energy and ability to boost vitality and is believed to enhance reproductive health and fertility. The energetic properties stimulate energy-related imbalances and stabilize the root chakra, crucial for a successful fertility process and for fixing sexual dysfunction.

Green Jade: A stone associated with fertility and promoting general well-being, it is thought to positively influence reproductive health and hormonal stability. Its abundance and prosperity are thought to aid in overcoming infertility and fostering a nurturing environment for pregnancy.

Lepidolite: Wearing lepidolite is known for its relaxing and balancing properties. It is thought to reduce strain and emotional imbalances, key factors in reproductivity. This stone’s energy supports hormonal balance and well-being, creating a peaceful environment conducive to helping conceive.

Clear Quartz: This gem, known for its clear and bright energy, is a master healer believed to enhance fertility by amplifying aspirations and balancing the body’s chakras. This gem’s property of bringing balance and insight is thought to be beneficial in aligning the reproductive system and aiding reproductivity.

Best Crystals for Fertility

Rose Quartz: Emotional Recovery, Nurturing

Rose Quartz
Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is celebrated for promoting unconditional love and is cherished by many women for its gentle influence on the reproductive region and harmonizing effect on hormones. This quartz stone, radiating a soothing light, is a critical player in crystal healing, primarily valued for its nurturing properties in the voyage toward being fertile and parenthood.

Moonstone: Mental Stability


Moonstone, often hailed as a woman’s healing stone, is revered in crystal circles for its role in harmonizing hormones and enhancing the chances of getting pregnant. This crystal for fertility is incredibly potent during new moon cycles, embodying the beauty and mystery of nature and making it a go-to choice for women seeking a gentle yet firm aid in their journey.

Carnelian Crystal: Reproductive Stimulation, Vitality Increase


With its vibrant orange hue, Carnelian is a popular gem known for boosting male fertility by energizing the lower chakras and enhancing endurance on the path to parenthood. These are not just a symbol of potential gestation but also known to support a child’s health, making it a dynamic and cherished ally in the healing voyage towards creating new life.

Green Aventurine: Wellness, Reproductive Health

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is admired for its healing properties and is known to improve reproductivity by improving blood circulation and clearing energetic blockages in the body. This fertility stone, radiating a relaxing light, is not just a treat for the skin but a balm for the soul, guiding the way towards overall wellness and vitality.

Rhodonite: Stability, Anxiety Relief

These gems help with stability.

Rhodonite, valued since ancient Egyptians, is known for its capability to balance hormones and assist the health of fallopian tubes, which is vital for reproductivity. With its gentle vibration, this stone is also seen as a tool to lead the way in self-love and healing, addressing several health issues affecting reproductivity.

Shiva Lingam: Vitality Harmonization, Reproductive Enhancement

Shiva Lingam
Shiva Lingam

Shiva Lingam, a popular crystal in the collection of reproductivity, is revered for enhancing pelvic floor and inner strength, both crucial for becoming pregnant. This unique stone is known to aid in healing, with its shape and form encouraging positive results in breathing and aligning the soul toward the goal of fertility.

Unakite: Calming Support


Many women seek Unakite for its capability to improve self-confidence and bring balance to the brain, especially when feeling overwhelmed by fertility challenges. Revered for boosting fertility, this stone harmonizes the chakra system, often paired with soothing incense, to create a supportive atmosphere for those aspiring to become pregnant.

Amethyst: Tension Reduction, Hormonal Stability


Amethyst, a crystal celebrated for its capability to open and heal the body’s chakra, is particularly cherished by people looking to boost reproductivity, creativity, and compassion on their journey to welcoming a new child. These are known for assisting in long journeys of life. They also enhance treatment outcomes and improve metabolism, making them a valuable ally in the quest for fertility and overall wellness.

Aquamarine: Calming Influence, Understanding of Feelings


Aquamarine is renowned for its soothing nature. It is known to help heal the body and stabilize the chakras, making it a favorite among most people seeking reproductivity. These stones are not only about bringing good luck; they’re also valued for enhancing feelings of love and strengthening relationships, playing a crucial role in life’s journey and the theory of natural fertility.

Fluorite: Hormonal Harmony, Mental Focus


Fluorite, renowned for its healing properties and array of colors, is often sought for reproductivity gems that stimulate the body and promote happiness. These are also valued for their potential to help sleep and reduce the risk of miscarriage, making them a cherished ally in the journey toward birth and amplifying the love within the chakra system.

Garnet: Vitality Boost


Garnet, a deep red crystal, is esteemed for improving sex drive and enhancing joy, both of which are linked to increased fertility and a smoother voyage to childbirth. Revered for their healing capability, these are thought to assist in almost any physical fertility-related problem, stimulating your chakra energy flow and creating a sense of wealth and health.

Green Jade: Helps With Infertility

Green Jade
Green Jade

Jade, a revered stone in fertility practices, is believed to bring good fortune and healing, especially for those struggling to conceive, aligning their spirits during this difficult time. These are often used to ward off harm and feel less overwhelmed. They are associated with luck, making them a trusted ally in the smoke of uncertainty that can surround fertility challenges.

Lepidolite: Tension Alleviation

This gem helps to alleviate anxiety.

Lepidolite, a softly hued purple crystal, is prized for its benefits in cleansing and bringing compassion to life’s journey, particularly fertility. This stone is known for its power to soothe the womb, making it a helpful companion for those wearing it throughout the night, nurturing hope and positivity.

Clear Quartz: Amplified Intentions, Stability of Energies

Clear Quartz
Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz, a crystal highly valued in the realm of healing, is known to dissolve feelings of depression and negativity, which is especially beneficial for those feeling low during fertility challenges. Often placed on the bed or worn, this stone helps absorb and recalibrate energies, align chakras, and offer scientific evidence-backed benefits to enhance emotional well-being.

How to Integrate Fertility Stones

Close up Person wearing rose quartz jewelry
A person wearing a necklace to help with reproductivity.

Wearing Fertility Crystal Jewelry

  • Integrating crystals like Rose Quartz or Moonstone into jewelry, such as necklaces or fertility bracelets, is a popular and stylish way to keep their power close to your body throughout the day. This method allows constant interaction with the crystal’s vibrations, influencing hormone levels and energy flow, enhancing fertility, and stabilizing the sacral chakra.

Creating a Crystal Grid in Living Spaces

  • Setting up a crystal grid in your home, especially in spaces where you spend a lot of time, can help produce a positive and calming energy conducive to reproductivity. Using stones like Rose Quartz or Moonstone, arranged in a specific pattern, can amplify their healing powers, focusing on aspirations related to reproductivity and pregnancy and harmonizing the home’s energies.

Meditation and Mindfulness Practices with Crystals

  • Incorporating crystals into meditation and mindfulness practices can improve fertility’s psychological and mental aspects. Holding or placing crystals like Chrysoprase or Jade on the body during meditation practice can aid in aligning the chakra, fostering inner peace, and clearing mental blockages, essential for overcoming reproductivity issues and creating a peaceful womb space.

Placing Crystals in the Bedroom for Positive Energy

  • Positioning fertility crystals like Rose Quartz or Moonstone in the bedroom, especially near the bed, can help create a nurturing environment for people trying to conceive. This practice is based on the belief that these stones emit positive energy and different electromagnetic properties that can neutralize negative energy and promote love and harmony, essential for a successful reproductivity process.

How to Maintain Crystals for Fertility

Cleansing their gems under the moonlight
Cleaning your gems under the moonlight.

Regular Cleansing and Recharging

  • Regular cleansing of crystals like Rose Quartz and Moonstone is crucial to maintaining energy and effectiveness. This can be done by placing them under moonlight during a full moon, which is believed to cleanse their energy and recharge them, or by using methods like smudging with sage or running them under natural water. This practice ensures that they retain their healing powers and remain attuned to people’s aspirations, especially those related to reproduction and conception.

Setting Intentions and Affirmations

  • Actively setting affirmations with your crystals is a powerful way to maintain their focus and purpose. Holding the crystals in your hand or placing them on your body, especially near reproductive regions, while meditating on your goals can strengthen the crystal’s connection to your voyage. This practice is based on the belief that crystals absorb and amplify the energies and intentions they are exposed to, potentially enhancing their ability to promote fertility and pregnancy.

Incorporating Crystals in Daily Routine

  • Integrating fertility crystals into your daily routine aligns their energy with your reproductive process. Wearing crystal jewelry or fertility jewelry like a fertility bracelet or necklace or carrying a palm stone in your pocket or purse allows constant energetic interaction. This ongoing exposure is thought to continuously support hormonal balance, wellbeing, and reproductive wellness, contributing positively to reproduction.


Summary meditating chakra
If you feel overwhelmed, let these gems help you.

These fertility crystals are like tiny, strong allies for women and couples navigating the challenging path of trying to conceive.

These stones offer more than physical beauty; they provide extra support by harmonizing the body’s chakra, creating a balanced space conducive to birth and parenthood.

Each crystal and stone works in many different ways, acting as a silent partner in the voyage towards creating new life, reminding us that sometimes, the smallest things hold the greatest power in our quest for family and love.

Frequently Asked Questions

What crystals help with fertility?

For fertility, stones like quartz and citrine are popular crystals known for enhancing love and the potential to become pregnant.

What fertility crystals are for pregnancy?

For pregnancy, crystals such as quartz, ruby zoisite, and citrine can be favored stones known to enhance fertility and embody love, aiding in the voyage to becoming pregnant.

What chakra helps with fertility?

The sacral chakra, associated with crystals like any carnelian, is critical in enhancing fertility, facilitating the flow of love and energy, and supporting the voyage to becoming pregnant.

What does rose quartz do for fertility?

Rose quartz, a stone revered for fertility, is known to create loving space and joy, enhancing the chances of getting pregnant.

How do you unblock your fertility chakra?

To unblock your fertility chakra, using gemstones to help calm you down can help regulate your sleep cycle, especially if you’re struggling with reproductive rhythms.

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